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Monday, 30 May 2016

Bye873fly (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here with a nobody who is trying to make a personal gain by pretending to be somebody. This guy, Bye873fly, was asking people to gift him a beard and a fancy top hat. I told him that he should be offering items in exchange if he actually wants the items. He then ignored my device, hastily changed into an arctic wolf and copied Aparri's colour scheme, and began claiming he was Aparri's backup account, asking for people to trade him.

After that, he decided that trading just wasn't good enough for such an imposter, I mean high roller like him, and started asking for people to gift him instead.

And then after that, he decided that Aparri's backup account and a beard and fancy top hat wasn't enough. He trashed the idea of being his backup and started asking for people to give him spikes.

After I asked him "so now you're just flat-out scamming?" he ran away, came back once, I said the exact same thing again, and then he ran away. Permanently, hopefully.
Although I don't care for Aparri or his content, impersonation is not okay and should be frowned upon and punished. Report this guy for scamming.

Status: Unknown


  1. This is so cringy, like the time someone said they were libertyy's backup. When I told them Libertyy quit, they said "oh I didn't know she did"

    Humans are scary o.o