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Saturday, 28 May 2016

bow715 (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here. I was advertising for the society when I saw this guy advertising for his headdress "giveaway". It was less of a giveaway and more of a gift-swap. He claimed that if you sent him a spike, he would send you a rare headdress in exchange.

When I asked him why he couldn't just trade the headdress for the spike, he first said, and I quote, "UM" "idk", then he decided that his horrible excuse wasn't good enough, so he then claimed that "it's a surprise for which one you get". Of course, this is a clear lie, since the rare headdress only has one variation - the white and purple one.

I then asked if I could see the headdresses he claimed to have. He ignored me, so I asked again, and he started getting all defensive and said "i don't scam i am not like that", even though I didn't say anything about him scamming. Suspicious?

I asked him once again, and he ran away. I then started Jam-A-Gramming him, asking him to defend himself, and this is a series of the wonderful replies he gave me.

"dude stop you don't know how it feels to not be cool you are cool so you don't know how it feels".
I don't know why he thinks I'm cool when the only time we interacted was when I was interrogating him so that I could expose him as a scammer. If he was just going off of my items and my animal's looks, then that's more of an insult than a bribery compliment.
I told him that I have been scammed before and asked him if he knew how that felt. He then replied with "then i am sorry for being something i am not". I have no idea what he meant by that, and I tried to talk to him more, but he refused to reply to any further messages.

Report him for scamming.

Status: Unknown

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