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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Attention deviantART Users

BIG SCAM! PLEASE READ!! by PrincessposhfoxAJ

If you're an Animal Jam player who has a deviantART account, please read this post. For those of you who don't know, on deviantART, Animal Jam users will post images of their inventories, put prices on them, and them trade them off for points (deviantART currency). When this happens, this means that one person has to send their item/points first. Many people have been scammed through doing this, making it an unsafe way to trade.
There has been a new scam invented to scam people out of their points and items (shown in the picture above) - once a trade has been confirmed, someone will make another deviantART account with a similar username to the person hosting the trade, claim they're a backup account, intercept the points/item, send it to their main account, and deactivate the sockpuppet account.

To all Animal Jam deviantART users, please BE MINDFUL when exchanging. Before you trade items for points, check the host's profile and look underneath their favourites and journals tab. You'll find a section that says "Deviant for __ years", or something along the lines of that. If they're a new account, or they have next to nothing in their gallery/favourites, chances are they're unreliable.

Trade with caution.


  1. So... What are the DeviantART currencies used for? Like what is the point of getting them?

    1. 1. Members can convert them to real money (100 points = $1)
      2. They can be used to buy a membership.
      3. They can be used to purchase commissions from other artists.

  2. I'm planning to get a DeviantART account in September and was going to do trading via it, so this post was very helpful, thanks!