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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Amily123z (Member)

PC here with a rampantly rule-breaking player found on 21 May.

amily123z was advertising 'my den if you want my account for a Spike!'. When I got there, they began by saying 'I'm glad I have never scammed in my life' which is already highly suspicious when the context is considered. I asked them to remind me what the deal was (so I could get evidence on video), and they sent a series of Jam-a-grams saying: 'I give you my past [password] to my AJ [account] to play on it! XD'; and 'I'm doing it for Spike [Collar]! XD'. They then said they'd Jam-a-gram me the password. I asked if I needed to send my Spike first, and they said 'Umm I guess don't worry I'm not aloud [allowed] to scam' and 'if I do I lose my Animal Jam [account]'.

I informed them that what they were doing was a scam, and even if it wasn't it would still be against the rules, and they said 'no I'm not scamming' and 'No I will never!'. They claimed they were 'not trying to' scam. Then they apologised and said 'I won't do it [the deal]'. They thanked me for reminding them of the rules. 

All is well, right? I told them I would show it to my 'mentor' (a Council member of the SWS) who would decide what to do, because even scammers who apologise are often bluffing it. Then I casually asked if there was anything else they wanted to say before I ended the video.

PLOT TWIST: they admitted that the account wasn't theirs! To put it in their words, 'umm this is not my AJ [account] though'. They said it was 'jammer reds' (???). When I accused them of admitting to hacking, they backpedalled by saying 'no he gave it to me!' I asked why they were trying to give away the account if jammer red had given it to them, and they denied trying to sell their account in the first place by claiming 'I wasn't'! I asked why they claimed the account wasn't theirs if jammer red GAVE it to them, and they said 'omg goodbye person' and locked me out.

I sent them a complimentary Jam-A-Gram informing them they were going on the Scam Watcher Society website, and they sent some pretty typical responses: 'I'm not scamper [scammer] and I blocked u' and 'you should not no [know] everything about my AJ life'

And sure enough, they proceeded to block me, effectively ending any way I had to contact them.

Thankfully, no-one else was there but me, so they didn't trick anyone in the time I observed them, but I'm fairly certain they're going to try it again so they're still a potential threat.

This should go without saying, but buying and selling accounts with onsite items is a strong violation of the rules and can result in all accounts in question being permanently banned. In many cases where it's not organized in real life it results in someone getting ripped off - in this case, if I had sent them my Spike, there is a very high chance I would not have gotten the password. And buying and selling accounts and items with real money is potentially illegal because you are profiting off WildWorks' copyrighted material without their permission. In short: don't buy or sell accounts.

Please report amily123z for scamming AND safety AND personal info.

Status: None Harmed


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