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Friday, 1 April 2016

totoro1210 (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here with a scammer that Agent Flake caught. She brought me to this chick, who was in Coral Canyons advertising for an account giveaway. She claimed that whoever could trade her best would win her entire account (which has spikes and an active membership mind you - seems too good to be true, which it is), and said that she must accept the trade. What makes her even more suspicious is the fact that she had to say "i don't scam i'm recording its totoro aj". By it, I think she meant her YouTube channel. I'll explain more on that later.

I asked her if I could ask a few questions, and she halted her advertising and said yes. I asked her why we have to trade items to get her account if she's going to be giving the account away. An entire minute passed. And then she said, after an entire minute of silence, "check my message". I asked her what she meant, she said "nvm", and continued advertising. I assumed she left a message on my Jammer Wall, but I checked and there were no new messages to be found.
I kept pestering her to answer me until she started freaking out at me. She asked "why do i have to answer you are you ajhq or something". I still don't understand why people assume we're "ajhq" or "aj police" because we wear yellow police hats. Anyway, I said she was being very rude for completely ignoring me when I asked her questions. When I told her to answer me, with a PLEASE, mind you, again, she said "no because i dont respect you talking to me that way", even though I was being as respectful as I could possibly force myself to be in that situation.

When I called her out as a picture, she immediately left. Lovely. I tried to follow her, but she kept going to a locked den (probably hers) and full parties. I tried to Jam-A-Gram her, but her inbox was full.
I was scavenging around Google when I found a YouTube account called Totoro AJ. I clicked on it, thinking it was the girl shown in this post, but it redirected me to some other girl's channel. Weird. I may be coming back to this girl sometime. For now, please report her for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed

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  1. Is it a reportable scam if someone offers to trade Chicken Smoothie pets for Animal Jam items? On Chicken Smoothie, trades with Animal Jam are specifically banned due to the amount of people who don't follow through, and on Animal Jam items are not allowed to be traded outside of the in-game system (Terms of Service quote: '...Attempts at defrauding another player by gaining their trust, also called "scamming", are absolutely not tolerated. This includes trading Animal Jam Content outside of our in-game trading system...').