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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

tiny60798 (Member)

Hey y;all! It's Taco here, and I seem to be on a bit of a roll these last few days catching those scammers ^.^ Also, to newer Agents, you should check out this page on the Academy, you might find it useful. Anyways, onto the post. Late last night, right before I was about to hit the hay, I found a scammer. So, I decided to get video evidence and edit up the video before going to bed, but I was too sleepy to make this post last night, so here it is now. Basically the scammer was claiming she would give away her AJ account. I offered a black long for it, and she fell for the bait. She eventually tried to convince me that there was no way to change the password on the account once she gave it to me. See the video below.

"BUTTT TIIIIIIICOOOOOOOOOOO U SAID U WERE WORKIN' ON UR VIDEO QUALEITIE" Well my lovely commenter, I advise you, and every other Agent who cant see what's going on, clicks this link to see it on YouTube, and watch it in full screen. The quality that way is perfectly fine. Anyways, yeah, sorry if you wanted more "BUTTTT TIIIIICOOOOOOOOS" but oh well. Anyways, make sure to report this gal for scamming.

Status: No one harmed

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