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Monday, 25 April 2016

Squishysnek/Pokecritters (Member, Non-member)

Hello Jammer's! It's Colonel Taco here, back with another scammer. I was chillin' in Jamaa Township, and I saw a code scammer. When I prompted them to ask what the code was for, they ran off. Shortly after, I got a Jam-A-Gram from someone claiming to have a code for a rare. I went to my den, and they attempted to get me to trade me my spike for their alleged Founders' Hat code, which, for those wondering, does not exist at the time that this post is being made. See the somewhat amusing video below.

If you're having trouble viewing the video, click here to view it directly on YouTube, and put it in full screen mode.

"BBBAWTTT TICOOOO U SAID THEIR WERE TWO SCALERZ" "BAWT TICO UR A LIAR" "BUT TICO I HERD U DONT LIKE DORITOS AND IM MLG SO UR RACIST" k thx comment section rlly appreciate your thoughtful comments. After every scammer I catch, I look around Google a bit to try to find out if the scammer is on social media, has alts, etc. Eventually I stumbled across a bootleg version of YouTube that you get from that shady kid who always buys Pepsi instead of Coke at lunch down the back alley 4 blocks south from your school (it's called YouVideo), and on it, I found that the scammer had entered a giveaway about 2 weeks ago. To save your computer from getting cancer and your identity stolen by 8 different Russian hackers on this site, I decided to take a picture of the comment for you.
Now, you may ask, what is so major about that? I did a bit more stalking, and found their channel on actual YouTube. In their "About" page, they claimed to be Pokecritters.

You might need to enlarge that, I don't really know.  Make of this what you will, but Pokecritters is most likely Squishysnek's alt, or used to be main.

Status: No one harmed