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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Scam Catcher Spotlight #1 - Jamaa's Scackers Destination

We have consent from the leader of this Society to make this post. _________________________________________________________________________________

Hiya Jammers! In this edition of Scam Catcher Spotlight, we will be talking about the Scam-Catching Society known as "Jamaa's Scackers Destination". It was founded on August 17th, 2014, by Violet86271, and has close to 10,000 page views! It has had a slow, yet steady posting schedule ever since it was founded, the most recent post, as of now, being made on April 25th, 2016.
It currently has 4 active Agents, yet they still manage to hold down a tight and organised association.  The blog itself has many helpful features, such as search bar on the side so you search up and see if any Jammer you're suspicious about. They have neat "About Scamming" and "About hacking" pages to help you learn way's to help you prevent yourself from being hacked or scammed. Their blog is even accepting applications to join!
In this post, we'll be reviewing and critiquing the entire blog on 3 different aspects - visuals, organisation, and posting, and then rate it out of 5 stars. This means we'll look at the blog and state what's good about it, as well as state its flaws and ways that the owner(s), as well as other scam catchers, can fix them.
Make sure to check out their blog here.

Jamaa's Scackers Destination

The blog itself doesn't look too bad - they didn't just stick with one of the default templates and decided to make their own. However, one thing I did notice is the inconsistent font. On the posts, comments, page selectors, and pages, the font is a sketchy looking one, while for everything else, it is a default-looking font like Arial or Calibri, and the titles for the posts and pages use a completely different font. I would suggest changing the font to be consistent for the entire blog to make it easier on the eyes of the reader.
As well as this, the header image's background colours correspond to the two different colours used by certain header fonts - lime green and orange, which compliment each other nicely. My only problem with this is that the colours are a little too bright and could use some toning down.
Lastly, I think that the choice of a greyish-green background isn't the best. If the accents of the blog are green and orange, then maybe a soft orange or soft green background would work. I would also suggest adjusting the widths of the blog, specifically the width of the post body to be wider, as it's not much wider than the sidebars. If you guys want some graphics for your blog, Cerise has lots of free time on her hands and would gladly make some visuals for you.
Overall, I give it a 6.5/10 for the visuals.

Looking through the blog itself, it seems pretty fine with its organising skills. Excluding the homepage, it has 6 additional pages - about, join the team, meet the team, about hackers, about scammers, and a posting guide. I'm going to do a breakdown of each page and tell you what you could work on for each page.
The about page is pretty stacked - there's not much to critique about it. It does its best to fully explain what the society does and how it works.
For the join the team page, I think it would be better if you made the about page and itself just become one page. Other than that, the way you join is pretty simple - email Violet, the owner, with your joining resume and await a response.
The meet the team page is pretty good as well. It contains a list of all the active and inactive agents, a picture of their animal, their agent name, and a few things about them, which is good to help you get to know them. The only thing I'd look into fixing is the huge mass of unnecessary spacing at the very end of the page and in between Agent Lexey's and Agent Peace's profiles.
The "about hackers" and "about scammers" page are pretty simple. They explain what scammers and hackers are and detail tips on how you can avoid being hacked or scammed yourself. However, like the join the team and about pages, I'd suggest combining these two into one page and simply call it the "about scackers" page, to help it live up to the society's name!
I'll talk about the posting guide in the posting section of the review.
Overall, I give it a 7.5/10 for the organisation.

This is where I really think the blog falls short. It has a consistent posting schedule and an easy-to-follow posting guiding, but very few posts actually follow these rules and guidelines. Although there is a great variety of agents posting (unlike this society, cough cough), most of the posts either a) are scammer posts without proper evidence, or any evidence at all, b) posts that are completely unrelated to scam catching, or c) posts that are just agents talking about how they can't find any scackers. To solve this problem, I would suggest taking the route the SWS has chosen - have all agents save their posts as drafts to be reviewed by a higher up before publication, and/or remove all agents that aren't making posts about scackers (or any posts at all).
Overall, I give it a 4/10 for the posting.


In total, we rate the Jamaa's Scackers Destination a ⋆⋆⋆ out of 5 stars. If you're a scam catcher who has wanted to join the SWS, or just a scam catcher who wants to join a society in general, I would suggest signing up for the JSD. It does everything that a decent scam catching society should do, and it does it well, albeit with a few flaws here and there. However, by following the solutions we have proposed in this review, it could bump itself up to 4 stars, and maybe even 5 stars! Good luck to Agent Violet, all the agents in the society, and any other aspiring scam catchers reading this.


And to the end this post off, the first edition of Scam Catcher Confessions...
"Sometimes when I see a scammer, I won't even bother to get evidence. I just report them and walk away."
-Anonymous Agent
Want to have your confession featured? Simply comment on any post with a scam catcher confession as an anonymous commenter and comment your confession! Please make sure it doesn't name any names and doesn't have any hate speech in it.

That's all for this edition of Scam Catchers Spotlight! Until next time-


  1. Thanks for the help! :) I was gonna change the template sometime soon so ya.

    1. Once again, Cerise is almost always free if you want her to make some graphics for you.

    2. Its okay I can make my own graphics...

  2. Confession:
    I don't always come when a agent needs me for taking pictures

  3. Could you feature me blog: It's the Animal Jam Scam Catchers League, and I'm the only one who runs it. Thanks.

  4. Do you have any info about creating a scam catching site without using Blogger? My parents won't let me get a google account, but I really want to make a new scam catcher society! :)

    1. I personally would recommend Weebly if you can't use Blogger. It's another website creation website, and it actually uses drag and drop elements, as well as a huge variety of precreated themes. Soooooooo... yeah. Weebly.