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Sunday, 24 April 2016

morgangirl12 (Non-member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here. I apologise for the lack of scammers being posted, there's been a scammer drought so we've been taking this time to update the society. Anyways, one of our new agents alerted me to this girl who was doing the "trade me best trade wins spike" scam.

There was a crowd of people around her yelling at her to show the spike, but she was ignoring them. She left immediately after some girl traded her. The agent and I followed her to her den and questioned her. Here is our conversation:

"Anyways, could we see the spike you claim to have?"
"what spike?"

She supposedly traded the spike to sabrina20624, despite neither of them having the trade bubble over their heads. We suspect this is her main account.

"Why can't you just do a draw for the spike?"
"becuz im not giving my spike for free"

"Why can't you just have people trade directly for the spike?"
"becuz i will give the spike after?"

I asked her the same question again.
"becuz if i do that then people will not be fair"

After we told her we had pictures of the entire conversation, she started claiming that her brother would beat her if she didn't do it. Using child abuse as an excuse - disgusting.

She locked us out when we told her we were from the AJSWS. Casual scammer.
Report her for scamming.

She continually went around and framed me for scamming, this is what happened after.

Status: Unknown


  1. hi i am a player from animal jam and i am loversong33. I saw her earlier and I was like SHOW US THE SPIKE FOR PROOF. so i am glad you found this.

    1. I remember seeing you there! Thanks for helping us! :)

      Agent Pay

  2. That was interesting to watch. Only saw the end, but it was interesting to watch.

    1. Indeed! People like this try too hard.

      Agent Pay