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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

lexisky + did90022 (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here with a scammer that one of our newest agents, Agent Sporty, alerted me to over the chat. She was doing a "gift me best gift wins spike" scam as far as I know, but I don't think Sporty got evidence, so we did the next best thing - question lexisky to get as much proof as we could. We all met up at her den and asked her to come with us, so she did. Then panic ensued.

We told lexi (Snowflake) we'd like to ask her a few questions. We didn't mention the part about how we were going to be taking pictures and video because that would freak her out. Which, by the way, is exactly what she did. As soon as we mentioned questions, she left her den and her assumed partner, did90022, entered the den and started screaming at us. He claimed "THE FOX SENT A GAME FOR A SPIKE THATS NOT FAIR" in defence of Snowflake (Sporty was a fox at the time, and she sent a game machine to test out the scam).
Naturally, I told him that we're here to question Snowflake and not him, which, when translated from impatient-scam-catcher-trying-to-be-polite into English, says "*fizzy drink* off, kid, we're trying to work here". Turns out this kid is saltier than the average scamming partner because he started screaming and hurting me via roleplay, wow, I'm so scared.

Snowflake also came back into the den, but as soon as we mentioned the questions again, she left. This process repeated about 3 times before she was gone for a little longer than usual. We were all sitting around, waiting for her to come back, when did90022 deciding to start his lame attempt at backpedalling. He started yelling that Sporty ("the fox") scammed him. Infinity (did's animal name) claimed that Sporty had said she would give an elf tail, but he didn't finish what he was saying before we asked if he had proof. Spoiler alert, he didn't. The only proof he had was "ASK SNOWFLAKE". Backpedalling failed there, buddy.

After that, we managed to persuade Snowflake to come back into MY den so that we could ask her a few questions without Infinity killing me multiple times through a roleplay I didn't even know I was participating in. For the next 20 minutes, yes, 20 minutes, I recorded Snowflake and I's entire conversation and uploaded it to YouTube (sped up a bit though).

Her story is extremely flawed, and let me explain why.

1. She claims that Endz dared her to scam, and she couldn't refuse a dare. Someone dared her to scam and she gladly accepted. Please remind me why we should list her as innocent.
2. How did Endz get her password, and why can't she just change her password?
3. Why would Endz want the password of some random kid? Why wouldn't he go try and get the password of someone like Aparri?
4. Why did her account not get logged off when "Endz got on her account"?
5. How did Endz even know we were having the conversation in time to get on the account? Right, he didn't.
6. Why did Endz dare her to scam when he could've just hacked her account and used it as a sockpuppet himself?
7. Why would Endz be daring someone to scam for themselves? That means they get the items, not him.

Anyways, I believe this concludes this post. Please don't report Endz, because we have literally no idea who he is, but please report lexisky for scamming and did90022 for bullying.

Stay safe and happy Jamming!

Status: Unknown


  1. I recently got scammed by rares013. If anyone would like to help me out, I lost candy besket, orange beard, headfeather, rare claw, purple short wrist, spaceship gray, wood floor, and camis frog. It was my fault and I accept that but I still hope for someone to give my prized possessions back.

    1. That is unfortunate. If you have sufficient visual evidence, we will happily post it here if you wish.

  2. Please post this onto the SWS website. I am not an agent, but this is a dangerous scammer/bully who needs to get reported ASAP. Seriously, kids these days are such *fizzy drink*s.