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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

erinvio (Member)

Hello, it's Agent PC here with a scammer I found on 20 April. erinvio claimed that if you gifted them 'black items', they would gift back 'rare betas', including Spiked Collars and beta Hoods. When I asked them to prove they had these items, they ran away. I chased them down for a while, they still refused to give a reason why they wanted to gift instead of trade. When I pressed, they changed their offer around, offering for me to trade the black items and them to gift the betas afterwards, then saying for me to trade them black items and they would trade the betas afterwards. Again when I asked them to show me these supposed betas, they ran away.

Then I contacted them on their Jammer Wall, and got some insight. They admitted to having attempted to scam:

They asked me not to tell AJHQ, promising never to scam again:

They offered to gift me their den items (to keep me quiet):

They claimed the reason they wanted to gift was because 'it's [their] birthday':

They apologised again, and then...whatever this means...:

I'm really glad that they promised not to scam again, but it is my duty to publish any evidence I have. After all, they might have just been saying that to get me off their back - there is really no way to tell.

Status: No One Harmed



  1. Don't believe her. I once had a person promise not to scam, 5 minutes later, catching them calling me a 'beachfront' and trying to scam a new Jammer.

  2. I found a scammer they were advertising a "2nd glitched ring" and said they were recording. And it wasn't even glitched! the user is: zwidy

    1. Do you have any screenshots or videos of them scamming?

  3. I'm pretty sure