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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

aquaangellizzie (Non-Member) (Ex-Agent)

Hello Jammers, Cerise here. We lost an agent today. The trials were cancelled because the defendant did not show up, however, her appointed lawyer (politicallycorrect) chased her down and found her at a roleplaying den. We interrogated her about what she had done, and she claimed that she "went on scamming because she wanted  to quit the society", which is bogus because she could've just told us she wanted to quit.

Earlier, at a different den, she also said "tell them to fire me, i quit". I don't believe this entire thing was so that she could get fired, because she could've just asked for time off or to quit.

Agent Flake, if you're reading this, I'm very angry at you for abusing our trust like this, but I am more so disappointed. You seemed like such a great scam catcher, and I don't know why you put all your skill to waste like this.
But, nonetheless, come back when you've made a change to your horrible attitude and you're ready to apologize to everyone in the society for making us waste our time on your trial that never happened, and to Taco and I personally for making us waste over an hour of our time chasing you down in an attempt to get answers that we wouldn't have had to get if you had just asked to quit.

A note from Taco  - Below is a 43-minute long investigation of Ex Agent Flake, in it you will see her cheating on what she believed to be a test, and attempting to scam. It also prove's she has lied to Cerise and I, along with other Agents in the past, and caused false drama in the past, as the second "scammer" (alt) she brings in was from this Calamity Corner post. There are times in the video that are important, and times that I'm just waiting during. So I went through the trouble to find the essential times in the video for you guys. You may wanna put on music or something to listen to in the back round if you wanna watch all the essential times.

Report her for scamming.

Status: 1 Almost Harmed


  1. @Flake, all I have to say is:


    ^_^ Brightlight1029

  2. Oh, so thats why you guys deleted the other post.

  3. I never really understood her tbh
    But I'm kinda disappointed with some agents right now :/

  4. "Hey guys, Ima join a Scam Catch Society and then Ima scam da pplz and do it to quit annoyingly instead of nicelyz!

  5. Flake (Past Agent)14 April 2018 at 16:06

    Hi, it's me Flake. I know that it has been two years since that this has started, and I've quit Animal Jam, but I'm very sorry about scamming virtual items that don't exist back then?? I guess.