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Saturday, 30 April 2016

anytimeispizzatime (Non-Member)

Hello, it's Agent PC with a scammer I caught on 27 April. anytimeispizzatime claimed that whoever sent the first trade that they accepted would win 'really good' den betas. They refused to show these den betas to us, claiming that you would see when they accepted the trade - except, you wouldn't, because they don't have any den betas and even if they did they would not give them to you. When I asked why they couldn't just trade directly, they said 'it's a matter of trust' (that sounds like what a cyberpredator might say, so remember that if someone says this to get you to do something, they are most likely NOT trustworthy). When I called them a scammer, they did not defend themselves beyond a simple 'no'. They blocked me, but I continued to let everyone else around us know they were scamming.


Unfortunately, you can see towards the end of the video that someone sent them a trade just moments before they fled. This leads me to believe that they may have scammed at least one person - however, no-one in the immediate room said anything along the lines of 'I got scammed' afterwards, so I am not sure who this person was, nor was I able to interview them.

Based on their achievements, anytimeispizzatime is probably an alt, too. If someone else or I find their main account, I will be sure to update, possibly in a new post if I get enough evidence.

Please report anytimeispizzatime for scamming.

Status: Unknown


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  1. BTW, do you have any advice for getting a scam-catching society to be good and functional?