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Monday, 11 April 2016

AJ Play Wild - Prize Pack Giveaway

Hello Jammers! Cerise here. Because I have so many spare items on Play Wild, I'm hosting the society's first official Weekly Prize Pack Giveaway! There will be 3 sets of color-coordinated items being given out, and all you have to do to enter is:

1. Take a picture of yourself next to a scammer in AJ or Play Wild

2. Upload the picture to an image sharing site like ezimba, tinypic, or deviantART

3. Comment the link to the picture, as well as your Play Wild username and all 3 packs in order of which you want most to least 

4. That's it!

You can also submit multiple scammers to enter multiple times, so get hunting!
Entries will close 2 weeks after the first person enters, so start finding scammers!

Prize Packs

1. Ruthless Red

Pack Contains: Red Baseball Cap, Red Square Glasses, Red Heart Scarf

2. Pretty in Purple

Pack Contains: Purple Angel Wings, Purple Cowboy Hat, Purple Heart Bowtie, Purple Elf Armor Boots

3. Atomic Funk

Pack Contains: Green/Purple Cotton Candy Hairdo, Green Square Glasses, Green Clover Bowtie, Green Guitar

Good luck!


  1. don't you understand?!

    1. Then don't you understand?! SOME. AGENTS. CANT. ENTER!!!!


      Also, the point of a contest is that you have to meet the qualifications to enter. I don't find these qualifications unfair because all it is asking is PROOF that you found (and hopefully confronted!) a scammer. Without proof, claims of someone scamming are meaningless and not able to be taken seriously.

    3. So you expect them to just take your word for it when you just say "luk I found r scammer"?
      They ask for pictures for a reason, and if you cannot get them, well bad luck.

  2. OMG BLARGHHHH ME CANT GET PIXELATED ITEMS FROM SOME GAME IDK WHAT IT BE ON BAT I NO OVERREACT@@@!!!111!1z1!11!!!111~!~~!!~!!! or who cares if u cant take pics of scammers to get pixelated items

    1. The first part was sarcastic rage. The second part was English. The third part was squished English.

    2. In case that wasn't enough, it meant who cares if you can't enter. I shall assume the items are easy to get in Play Wild.

  3. Below each of the prize packs, you should put a picture of an animal wearing all the items in the pack.

    1. I agree! That would help people to see which looks best, even if its not on the animal they want it on. Do that in the future, please!