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Saturday, 26 March 2016

cupcakes5072 (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here. This girl was claiming that if you sent her a gift, the best gift would win her outfit. I didn't get an actual picture of her advertising the scam, but there's a full video on it at the end of the post.

A bunch of other people started yelling that cupcakes had scammed them, and to be blunt, I believe them.

I got everyone to calm down and asked Cupcakes why we couldn't just trade for her outfit. 1 minute passed, she didn't respond. Another minute passed, she retreated elsewhere. Agent Taco went to investigate the scene, and here's what he got.

And there you have it, folks, video evidence of cupcakes5072 admitting to scamming and attempting to scam. Her attempt at backpedaling was pretty lame, considering the only reason she gave for scamming, even though she was quitting was "if it was a black long you'd accept it too".

Status: 1+ Harmed


  1. do you want to buddy me again ???
    and this is a new comp

  2. Cerise, I caught a scammer. How do I show you the evidence?

  3. What if I just happen to think I found a scammer, what should I do when they start asking for any one of my items, including my spike, should I JUST report or do more than reporting them to the trustworthy AJHQ??????!!!! Please get back to me as fast as posssible!!!!! Thank you for your precious time on me!!!

    1. Before you give anyone your items or trade someone, make sure that the method they're using isn't on our types of scam page. Tell them that you don't interact with scammers, report them, unbuddy them if you're buddies, and leave.