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Friday, 12 February 2016

Superbunneh21 (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here with yet another rather obscure scam I found during my session of late night scam catching. This girl was offering her trade list for Rare Deer Antlers.

At first, I thought nothing of it. Then I looked at her trade list.

A neon bow, and two long rare spiked wristbands. To anyone, this would just look like someone who's really desperate for an item. But to a scam catcher, this looks like someone doing the rare, and unbelievably unknown double-scam.
I looked around for anyone who was working in her favor, and surely, I found it.

For those who don't know how this is a scam, allow me to explain. It begins with the main account putting lots of valuable items on trade, and asking for a certain, but rather obscure item that not many people have. They will then go on another account and put that item on trade, and ask for people to trade for it. The backup account will repeatedly decline trades until the person trades a reasonable amount of items for the item. Then, they're about to go up to the main account to get the items, when they realize that the main account, as well as the backup account, have hit the road.
Anyways, in this instance, Kittymissy6 was the backup being used. I don't actually have a picture of them in the same area, but I do have some pretty solid proof that Kittymissy6 is Superbunneh21's backup account; her achievements.

I was about to call her out as a scammer when I realized that she was gone. I started Jam-A-Gramming her about how I could see through her disguise, and she started playing dumb like she had no idea what I was taking about.
She eventually stopped Jam-A-Gramming.

Please report both accounts for scamming.

Status: Unknown

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  1. Hello, I have a scammer i would like for you to know about. his username is superpartypancakes.
    today i was wandering jamaa township and saw that he said "I CAN CHANGE RARE ITEMS INTO SPIKES" so i saw someone go in. later i was still in jamaa township and the same person came out of the crowd and was saying "REPORT SUPERPARTYPANCAKES" or something. then i saw another person saying they got scammed by him. they said that he said he would give you a "substitute item" such as a necklace when you gave him the rares, say he put the items in the "Program", and after a minute, he would say "three, two, one." and after he said one he would lock them out.