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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

puppyloverg3 + mollbee1234 (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here with my first pair of team scammers in awhile. I caught these guys right after I caught kori51. Anyways, puppyloverg3 was asking for people to send her items and that the best item would win her outfit (rare headdress, non-rare spiked collar, rare spiked wristband, elf tail armour).

Before Agent Flake, who was accompanying me at the time, could confront her, someone else went up and told people not to do it. She claimed she was quitting AJ, which isn't likely because a) she still has an active membership, and b) if she was quitting we wouldn't need to send her items.

I started telling her I got pictures and she ran off. We continued arguing via Jam-A-Grams and here are a few things she said.

Keep in mind she said "all I got was necklaces" and then said that there was a winner? How does that work? There can't be a winner if everything sent the same thing.
I met her in Kilimanjaro and she had taken all the items off to make it look like she had sent the items. We couldn't exchange any dialogue because someone in my house thought it was a wonderful idea to turn off the house's power without telling me first and my computer shut down for 5 minutes.

I came back and mollbee1234 came to my den. She asked about the giveaway and apparently she was the winner. She also asked me to stop "being rude" to puppyloverg3, even though all I did was confront her for scamming.

I asked her to put on the clothes if she had actually won the giveaway, and guess what? She ignored me and started saying she would report me for "being mean", AKA enforcing the AJ rules. I then called them out as being partners and she started having a hissy fit.

I told her I had pictures and would post them. She asked to see the website, so I directed her to this one, and after she left, she Jam-A-Gram'd me saying "that sight isn't real". She was probably just paranoid she got caught.

Report both of them for scamming, and maybe send them some ominous "the scam watchers society is more powerful than you think" Jam-A-Grams.

Status: No One Harmed



  1. I miss the days when you could just buy the non rare spike collars at the diamond shop.

  2. Soo...If she was poor... why does she has on a RARE headdress? ._.

  3. omg wow what if she tells aj u put her username on without her consent

    1. 1. She's a scammer. If AJHQ sees this, they'll take action instead of whatever she wants them to do.
      2. AJHQ has no authority over us, because we're not breaking any of Google's guidelines as far as I know.

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  4. can u please email me at