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Saturday, 20 February 2016

primrose74754 (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here with the second post with the hideous new name tag colors (AJHQ dulled down the colors on the nametags and now my lovely classic gold nametag is an ugly and boring beige color). This guy was claiming that if you sent him gifts, he would gift an even better item back, and then claiming he didn't scam.

I asked him why he couldn't just trade, and he responded with "my trade is disabled", which is one of the oldest excuses in the book. I asked him why it was disabled, because the last time I had my trading disabled, it disabled both my trading AND gifting, and it was because some butthurt scammers reported me for scamming and apparently AJHQ didn't bother to look over my chat logs.
He answered with "idk" and ran away. Lovely.

Please report him for scamming.

Status: Unknown

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