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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Pink Shirt Day/Acceptance Day 2016

Hello Jammers! Cerise here. The society's 3rd pink shirt day event just finished, and it went quite well. Well over 20+ Jammers joined our mob, and I managed to get some picture and video footage of the event.

Here is the video if you want to watch it.


  1. At least I managed to be seen in every picture! I'm the wolf with the sun hat and the Rare pink glove. O.O
    ~ Flake ♥

  2. Every time! I miss it every time! Welp, gotta hope I'll be there next year.

  3. Im the dragon in the bottom pic
    (pink and blue)
    agent izzy

  4. I was there, but not in the pics or videos :(

  5. That was Fun!

    Don't just witniss a bully. Help. Acceptance Day 2016.

  6. Omg, you used "One Love" as the song in the video? O.O I'M A JAMAICAN XD