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Monday, 1 February 2016

isabizzle Returns ft. sapphirewolf117

Hello Jammers! Cerise here with a returning scammer that I caught back in November of 2015. I was chilling in Crystal Sands when isabizzle, who had a block logo on her nametag, came up to me. I confronted her and we ended up getting into a heated argument (read the original post here). She repeatedly said that the images were edited. A few other bystanders came over and immediately joined her side and started harassing me about being a liar, and some even went as far as to insult me and do the ever-so-original "KICKS" action. Among them was sapphirewolf117, one of isabizzle's worst white knights.

I didn't get much about isabizzle, but this chick was tearing it up. She called me a loser, kept bragging that she was older than me (even though I gave no indication of my age throughout the entire argument), and even said that I was a liar who thought I was "all that". She also continually said that I was a scammer who encouraged people to scam, with absolutely no proof.

When I was trying to show evidence of isabizzle scamming, one of her friends (who I will keep anonymous for their own privacy) accidentally walked in, obviously checked our post, and sent me this Jam-A-Gram which reads "I just checked out the page. She does do that, don't tell her I said that". Looks like we got an eyewitness on isabizzle's part.
After about a 15 minute long argument (arguments get long when I'm around), isabizzle, sapphirewolf117, and another white knight I didn't get the username of, all went to my den. I could hear them talking in the chat log as I was chatting with Agent Skywalker at the entrance. They didn't say anything important besides "i think she can hear us", but sapphirewolf117 did continually call me out as a liar, said that everything I did was edited, and started spamming my Jam-A-Grams with the work "scam".

When I started walking through the den they all eventually left and didn't come back. Report isabizzle for scamming, and sapphirewolf117 for bullying.


  1. So. Much. Drama.

    1. Honestly I feel, like can we drop the petty ness come on

  2. Sapphire was so wrong to bully,you kinda did the right thing to Isabizzle ~Agent Flake

    1. Actually I was just standing up for some random kid. But no now this girl is lying and saying that I'm a scam. Well i guess I'm sorry for trying to stop petty fights and bulling. ~sapphirewolf

    2. If your version of "standing up" for someone includes blatantly lying about them, insulting them, and basically pulling garbage out of your pocket, I don't think we've been using the same dictionary.
      Plus, I never claimed you were a scammer. isabizzle was the scammer. And you weren't stopping a petty fight. If anything, you were adding an immense amount of fuel to the fire.

  3. And plus,If I was there i'd called a Monkey.

    sapphirewolf117 did continually call me out as a liar, said that everything I did was edited, and started spamming my Jam-A-Grams with the (work) "scam".
    I did (and) in the typo
    but this chick was tearing it up
    Shes Not A Chicken shes a woman?
    white knights
    i think she can hear us

    1. 1. Can you stop making such a big deal out of a typo? I'm not perfect, I make mistakes too.
      2. Um, I know that?
      3. A white knight is someone who comes to someone's aid when they're even slightly attacked or criticized.
      4. What?

    2. hello this is Sapphirewolf117, and I have to say I am sorry for calling you out on your scams. To all the people reading this I am so sorry you believe this girl. I sapphirewolf117 belong to an anti bulling system on animal jam were if we are to spot any kind of scam or bullying going on we report it and post warning on our page, It was very rude of you to bully me into looking like a bully. Just saying you forced me into a corner where any country girl would retaliate and fight back for their rights. Which just proves your level of maturity. Now I best be on my way. bye...
      sincerely sapphirewolf117

    3. 1. "Calling you out on your scams"- Please provide sufficient visual evidence that Cerise has scammed. Because, unlike you, we have sufficient visual evidence that YOU have scammed, or at least attempted to scam.
      2. "I am sorry if you believe this girl"- Well honey, "this girl" has worked her butt off, since January 2014, to try to bring scammers and bullies (like you) to justice.
      3. What's an "anti bulling system"?
      4. I assume you mean an "anti bullying system"- If this is true, please link me to it. If the first post on it is from after the date you made this comment or on it, I think it will be safe to say you're lying. If it however is true, I am very happy to hear that!
      5. How exactly did Cerise "force you into a corner"? By calling you out on your shenanigans? If so, as you claimed to have "called Cerise out on her scams", you're being a hypocrite if you're saying what we did was "bad".
      6. "Country girl"- What even... I'm sure that's racist to some extent, but I won't even argue that point because I won't get anywhere.
      7. Yes! I'm glad you understand that Cerise has a "maturity level" far beyond that of most 8th and 9th graders, which is outstanding considering her age.


    4. 1. "if we are to spot any kind of scam or bullying goin on we report it and post warning on our page" Really? Then why were you defending someone who has been proved as a scammer?
      2. "and post warning on our page" Let's have a link to your page then. I'd like to see what scam catching you've done.
      3. "it was very rude of you to bully me into looking like a bully" Looking like a bully? Kid, you were flat-out insulting me. Now tell me what exactly what I did. Picture/video or it didn't happen. And don't tell me you don't have it, I'd expect a "respectable scam catcher" such as yourself to apparently have some training.
      4. "you forced me into a corner where any country girl would retaliate and fight back for their rights" I'm going to have to do an entire sub-breakdown for this sentence alone.
      a) I didn't force you into a corner. If anything, you ran into a wall. I was arguing with isabizzle and you made the choice to come up and start blindly defending her.
      b) "fight back for their rights" Would you care to explain how I was apparently discriminating against you and saying you shouldn't have rights?
      c) You weren't fighting back. You were just fighting.
      5. "Which just proves your level of maturity" And blindly defending a proven scammer, insulting someone, and spamming that same person when they face you with any kind of facts is apparently mature?

    5. WOAH! NOT OK! I googled my username today and this comes up!?!? Uh I dont think so, who the heck was pretending to be me in the previous comment!!?? I'm so sorry, I swear on my ma that wasn't me.this is the first time I've seen this blog. this is one of the reasons I hate anonymous comments because there's no proof. But anyway from what I remember out of this is I had just logged on and saw y'all fighting so I was just defending the kid, I admit I was blindly defending the kid but still. I mean does it really matter? sapphirewolf117

    6. This comment and the one you made to the comment above this have wildly different connotations. Are you sorry or do you just want your name cleared? You need to make up your mind.

  5. When I just now realized how effing petty this blog is ������. I mean dang you really have no better thing to do with your life than to crack down on little kids, and give them a hard time, thats sad. Honestly sounds like sapphire was just standing up for her cause y'all were being mean as eff to some kid, I mean even if the other kid wasn't in the right. Like sorry, how about everybody just grow up and move on, I'm so sorry u have to put others down to make yourself better.

    1. Considering we don't directly "crack down" on these kids, we just confront them for scamming and post the evidence somewhere they'll likely never see, we aren't really giving them a hard time. It also seems that you and sapphire read the same dictionary entry on what "standing up for someone" is, which apparently means that you yell at them and blindly accuse them for things they didn't do.
      Plus, this post was made almost a year and a half ago. You're a little bit late to the party.

  6. And you should post more screenshots of what you were saying... ��

    1. This post is over a year old and I don't scam catch anymore. It's a little late for that.