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Thursday, 28 January 2016

SWS Play Wild

Hello Jammers, Cerise here. Now that AJHQ's second game, Play Wild, is gaining more players, there are definetly going to be more scammers on that game. As a result, the SWS will be making a branch on Play Wild. There are barely any scammers on Play Wild right now, so the branch will take awhile to set up and agents will not be put in service until the branch is fully set up.
If you are interested in signing up for the Play Wild branch, please comment below with the form located at the bottom of this post.

In order to apply for a spot in the Play Wild branch, you must meet the following requirements:

-Have a working mobile emulator that can run Play Wild (if you have an android emulator that can run Play Wild, please tell Cerise because she really needs one)

-Have at least a month's worth of experience in the SWS (some exceptions may apply if we get desperate for positions)

-Have a working screenshot tool and/or a video recorder

If you meet all these requirements, please comment this form in the comment section below with the answers filled in. The council will review each application and decide who gets in and who doesn't. The list of people that got in will be announced when the branch is fully set up.

Agent Name:
Emulator Name:
Amount of Time in Society So Far:


  1. Username: Violet86271
    Agent name: Agent Violet
    Emulator name: IPad mini 2 with retina
    AOTISSF: 1 year and half basically

    1. There's actually an emulator called "iPad mini 2 with Retina"? I'm guessing the company that programmed the emulator isn't too good with names.

    2. Oh I thought emulator was another word for device... That's my deviceXD what's an emulator...?

    3. It lets you play mobile applications on the computer. Do you have one?

    4. No, but I have playwild on my iPad and i can take screenshots on it and post using an app perfectly fine

  2. Will this be like a side blog?

    1. No. The scammers will just be posted on the main blog.

  3. Username: LulasSeal
    Device: IPad Mini (forgot which one, but ive been playing Play Wild for ages!)
    (I haven't been here for a month, but I've been catching scammers, and have been doing great tactics to get them to confess! Caught a New Jammer that was somebodys alt trying to do a beta tiara scam, caught donna13 was trying to use every tactic to scam people, those are just a few scammers out of the many I have caught)

    1. If you're interested in joining the society, please contact tacocat101, Pumpkinn, ShadowclawXX, or vanillapancakes.

    2. Or mz5963 cougn cough coughc ginchfjcufnayhjfm cs

    3. •Pumpkinnn•
      Don't want you to contact the wrong jammer ^-^
      -Avie Who Is On Her Phone And Refuses To Log In

  4. agent name: Agent Izzy
    Username: Izzycats06
    emulator name:idk (hasn't joined play wild yet)
    time: idk, like something long. bout a year I think...

  5. Agent Beta
    iPad something that i dont know but it works because ive used it to post on here before and i do everything on the ipad i use
    A long time

  6. ignore my past comment. I don't have a cam.
    agent izzy

  7. Username: trixie188
    Agent name agent chihuahua
    Emulator name: ipad mini 2 with retina display
    Amount of time in society so far- since approx September of last year, but i have been in active because of school

  8. If an emulator is like google play or the app store, i use apple app store (this is by trixie188)

  9. Oops. I just realized my mistake, i can take screenshots on my ipad, thats how i did on a previous post and how i play aj. Trixie188

  10. Awsomedudette16
    Agent Awesome
    Samsung galaxy...
    Can record screen, take screenshots, and has been playing for 1 year and a bit.

  11. Username:Robotgir
    Agent Name:?
    Emulator Name:Droid Maxx
    Amount of Time in Society So Far: none but i have been trying to get in forever though.

  12. i have a working android emulator
    it plays play wild

  13. k i play on my phone so i have absolutly no idea anyone know where i can find it?

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