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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Skyrae30 (Member)

Hey Jammers! Agent Taco here, back with another scammer. Big thank you goes to Agent Skywalker for alerting me to this scam! It was a Membership account giveaway, and you of course had to send the item first, then he'd supposedly give you the account.  Although I doubt he'd give you the password even, if he did, he'd surely take any rares you put on it, then change the password too it. I didn't think of a way to prove he was untrustworthy until mid video. I asked if he would put any rares on the account, and he eventually agreed to supposedly put a Light Pink Headdress on the account (which I knew he didn't have). Anyways, although the video is fairly long, it's a bit funny towards the end. Here it is.

So there you have it. (Once again, big thank you to Agent Skywalker for alerting me to this scammer!)

Status: No one harmed


  1. I found this scammer on Jamma Township at the Congo server. Her name is Emmapupppy08043. I said "Why not just trade normally and fair?" and she ignored me. Everyone started calling her a scammer, and after some time, she left. Here are some images: || (if this is not useful, i will delete the comment.)