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Saturday, 30 January 2016

sj61773 (Member)

Aye Jammeh's, what up, its Agent Taco back, with another scammer. This one, was trying the age-old Beta Hood Sca- "BUTTZ TICOOOOOO, THE SCALOPERNOPE DNDINT NO IT TWASNT A BAETUH HOOOODDDD" "BUUUUTTTZZZ TAHHHCOOOOO, IT HZA A HEAREASE ON, I1T KNNOZWS ITSZ RURZ U SCLOPERNOPER" "BUUUTTT TICOOOOOOAHHCOOOOOO, I LKIE SNOWWWW LEUPURDZ, THEHFURE ITS NOPE A SCALOPERNOPER" Ah, that's nice comment section. I really, really don't care though, due to the plain and simple fact that they admitted it was an attempted scam. Video evidence below.

Basically, it goes pretty simply. I say it's not a beta hood, they say it is, they run away, I confront them, they admit it was an attempted scam.
And for those of you who are not allowed to watch videos, introducing, (much to my disdain...) picture evidence! Welcome everyone, to the 1930's, where we don't have technology that can record our screen, and instead have strange things called "cameras" or in this case, snipping tool!

Status: No One Harmed

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