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Sunday, 31 January 2016

prescious11967 (Member)

Hi guys! Agent Maji Here with a trust trader.. I found this girl asking for people to trust trade her in Jamaa Township.

I came over and asked why we would risk our items and she said:

(By "rlly are" she meant "really rare")
I then asked "What if it's a nonmember, and they like their item?"
She ignored me.
I kept asking questions, and pretending that I didn't understand trust trading. She left, right after I asked "What if you scem me?"

Status: No One Harmed


  1. XD That wasn't me that was my friend who hacked me because I know for a fact I have never had free chat until now. This might sound weird but thank you for saying this now i have proof that she hacked me!

    1. It's very unlikely you got hacked, more so that your password got cracked. If your password is easy to guess or you gave it to someone, change it immediately.
      You're still responsible for anything that happens on your account, but if you need this to prove anything, then you're welcome I guess. But we're not taking down this post.