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Saturday, 2 January 2016

musab2004 (Non-member)

Hey guys! It's me, Aviator.
So I feel like procrastinating and doing this later, but I just want to get it out of my way, so yeah :)
So basically, after I caught Rainbownebula1802, (Scammer Goldmine #43), I found this guy, who was having a little giveaway at his den.

(We were in Appondale)

Pretty sick list, huh?
Well, I decided to check it out, and see if any scamming would happen.
alexathewolf, scammer ALSO in my "Scammer Goldmine #43" post, was there, and asking people to flash her. Wow.

Yeah, no.

So then the guy came, and asked who was going to start.

So after a LOT of talking and flashing, musab got irritated that people were flashing instead of trusting.


"flashback don't make u win"
So apparently people were thinking that this girl down below was his main. And it sounded believable to me.


Twizzler was the one trusting the most, and she was awfully quiet when musab was "giving instructions".
Eventually everyone left, leaving just me, with Twizzler101 and musab2004.
Musab tried to convince himself to do the wrist, and Twizzler wasn't doing anything while he was persuading.


She shouldn't feel forced to trade her wrist, so I tried to let him just give it to her for free.
But then musab just decided to lock.

And Twizzler wasn't locked out.
Hmm, I wonder why..?

Status: No One Harmed


  1. Interesting. Maybe, they were buddies. Well I guess they are buddies. There was no way that she could have stayed in the den if she hadn't been locked out. Very strange case.

  2. I am not musab. He buddied me so i would feel safer to do the wrist. I tried to ignore him so i would not have to do the wrist. I did all bad items. I hate scamming.

    1. That makes sense now thanks for explaining it