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Sunday, 3 January 2016

jammer6201 (Non-member)

Yo, what up everybody? Long time no see, eh? Taco here, back with another scammer! (Even if it IS after a "short" hiatus) About a week or two ago, I found jammer6201 trying, the most COMMON scam of ALL time, the Trust Trade scam.  Cerise even turned up during this little scam!

It just went on like a normal Trust Scam for a while.... until, she decided to bring, either her friend, or who I suspect is her Main Account. Pretty37 attempted to convince me that Jammer declined her Black Long Collar, however, when asked to prove she had the item in question, she failed to do so. And, please don't get all like "BUT TACOOOOOOO, YOU H@V3 NU PRO0F THEY TEH SAM3 PRSONE" "BUT TACOOOOOOOO,1T W@S JOOST A COINCIDICENESS" "BUT TACOOOOO, SHESSS A FOOXXX, AND HESSS ARABBIT, NOT THE SMAEME PRSONE, TOTLLELY" because, she even admitted at the very end that they are the same person :)

Status: No One Harmed


  1. Ok so there is a comment on my jammer wall from a person named tacocat1011 I am not sure if its taco's back up but I think we should check the user out incase its an impersonator and scammer...