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Monday, 4 January 2016

Dear Newer Agents....

Hello everyone, as this post's title suggests, if you're not a newer Agent, this post probably wont even even be worth reading. Awhile ago, Agent Cerise created the Blog of the Agents. It's meant for off topic posts. Only rule to posting there is
1. No explicit images
2. No need to be rude
Swearing and such is allowed in posts (as long as it isn't directed as an insult) to absolutely no limit, and its a good place to rant if you need to. Anyways, I'm sure that Cerise would gladly invite any of the newer Agents to post on this blog, it's a great place to make all those off-topic posts you guys always wanna make, haha ^.^!
However, if you're uncomfortable with swearing, then don't view the blog.
To go right to the Blog of the Agents, click here. Or, if you want the address itself, this is it.  Anyways, jam on y'all, and good luck on hunting those scammers!

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