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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Scammer Goldmine #44

Hello Jammers! Cerise here with another scammer goldmine at slush234's den.

slush234 (Den owner)
Didn't actually do any scamming, and admitted his mistake afterward.
Maybe not great to report him.

Doing the trust trade scam

Doing the trust/flash trade scam

Doing the trust trade scam

Later, things got a little heated up with JewelSparkles22 when we started to confront them. She started saying that she was recording and she was going to post this and stuff. I don't get why she would post a video of herself breaking the AJ rules, that's like video taping yourself destroying private property and then posting it on social media. Oh wait, people actually do that.

She also claimed that she "only did it for fun", which, as we all know, is a lie because there's 100% no point to trust trading unless you're trying to scam.

We later got slush234 to lock the den.
Please report everyone here (except for slush234) for scamming.

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  1. I was in this too!
    agent izzy (izzycats06)
    see izzycats
    my use cut off