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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Calamity Corner - lolmaster7

Hello Jammers! Cerise here. This girl was hosting a members only party, which are getting quite common, at her den, and even said for all nonmembers to get out.

We went in. Almost nobody was there, thankfully. A mob of SWS agents later came in and stormed the place, and other people coming in joined us.


  1. I seriously don't know why some members STILL hold "member only parties". I mean, yeah, most ppl don't do that anymore, but I just don't get why some members think that they are superior just because they pay money to play dis game.

  2. veary true. its really dumb that some poeple will think they are better because they fork out 6,20 or 50 dollers to play animal jam. the point was to have fun,not be rare -djluniexstar