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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Motionlesscat (Member)

Hey all, it's been a while now, hasn't it? c:
So I was on AJ, and I encountered this gal, Motionlesscat.
She did the typical "Trust me C:"

I then asked her what the point of trusting one. She simply replied "for fun", a typical response.
The next person I have tol show you is this other girl, lidialove99. I'm guessing that it's her backup, but I'm not totally sure. 

She was the only person trusting Motionlesscat, and in the photo below she says "BEST OES (ONES) EVER XD"

It may just be me, but I think that the wolf was her backup, considering she had a neon bow; signs of 'rareness', and she was the only one trusting.

She basically just ignored me the rest of the time, and I eventually left, but in the middle of the questioning, this wolf, hayitsme, which was probably new to scamming, just popped up and began to ask for trust trades, but I couldn't be bothered and just left :/

Have a great night/day, folks!

Status: Unknown


  1. Cerise why does it say "Post by Cerise MC"? ._.

    1. she probably approved the draft

    2. The other post was broken in a way, so I copied and reuploaded it.

    3. I AM NOT A SCAMMER e.e Lemme Just Say A Few Weeks Ago My Black long Was Scammed By Ivy780 So You Might Wanna Add Him To The List Plus Imma Guy And I Have To Laugh ( Ivy780 Got The Black Long Scammed We Talked Via Kik) Why Do You Think Everyone Who Trusts Does it To Scam Look At All The Famous Jammers Who Do It I Don't See Them on Here :P Think Before You Speak Plz.

    4. And No That isn't My Backup , My Backup Is EmptySouls And NorthernSpark, And That Wolf Happens To Now Be A Good Friend Of Mine :P

    5. 1. We do not add people to our blog without pictures or videos of them attempting scamming.
      2. There's literally no point to trusting if you're not going to scam someone. If you think there is, then we'd be happy to hear your opinion.
      3. The reason famous Jammers aren't up here is because a) they're already quite well known, and b) we have yet to get any video footage or picture of them scamming.

  2. Okay So Can't Someone Just Trust To Have Fun It's A Thrill To See What People Can Trust You With, Just Ask My Friend User: Kenorai and Btw You Didn't Have Any Footage Of Me Actually Scammkng Someone Your Just Reporting Me because Of One Chat Bubble, "Trust Me" Ask/ Send Kenorai Jam A Grams If You Want Yes Ivy Scammed Me And Kenorai Trusts Me With Her Long Red Collar All The Time. You have your own opinion I won't try to take away But Im Just Letting You Know in all honesty I'm not a scammer its up to you to believe it.

    1. 1. Why do you have to capitalize the first letter of every word? The severe lack of commas and periods in your paragraph also makes it excruciating to read.
      2. I don't see how trusting is "fun". It's literally just watching a great item flash across your screen and bearing with the pain of not getting to accept it.
      3. I have a great reason to post and report you. Perhaps I should remind you that even AJHQ themselves have come out and said that pretty much everyone who trust trades is a scammer ( If you don't want to be mistaken for a scammer, then don't do something that the people RUNNING THE GAME have acknowledged as against the rules.

  3. I Don't Know Why Do You Right The Way You Do? Sorry I'm Not Perfect At Writing, I Highly Don't Feel Like Arguing With You, You Might Aswell Just Ignore Me Because People Will Always Do Whatever They Want It's Fun To Me Sorry Ifs It's Not Your Thing.