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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Missjammeranimal + darklordforest (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here. I was walking around when I saw these two performing a rare scam.
Long story short, this scam is when you put lots of good items on trade on one account, then go on another and put a much less valuable item on trade. Let's say the less valuable item was a Ribbon Scarf - you say "ribbon scarf on trade, trade fair" on the account with the ribbon scarf, and say "ribbon scarf for my list" on the account with the good items on trade. The victim will trade good items for the ribbon scarf so they can get the other good items, but after you accept that person's trade, log off both accounts. Taco used this scam when he was a scammer, explaining why I know about it.

This picture should explain it all.
This was what Miss' trade list looked like at the time:

I called her out as a scammer and she eventually left, but kept darklord online. I went up to her and confronted her a second time, and she immediately logged off both accounts.

Be sure to report both accounts for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed


  1. so... how does this work?
    -agent izzy

    1. Basically it works by creating 'demand' for the item (though it's quite obvious).
      Let's call the player who has the item (in this case, I'll say it's a ring), Player A, while the player that wants the item, Player B.

      Player B will have a list of rare/valuable items on their trade list, and say something like:"My list for silver ring!"
      Player A will then say:"Silver ring for trade!"

      From the scene above, it is obvious that they are working together as a team, because what Player B wants is for other players to trade Player A for the ring.

      Player A will then reject all of the fair/okay trades for the ring, until they get a trade that is overpriced/something they really want. As the ring, in this case, is not a valuable item, Player A is the one who gets 'more valuable item'.

      After, the player (who I will call C) who traded their items for the ring will now attempt to trade it to Player B. However, Player B (and A) will log off, leaving C will the now-worthless ring and no one to trade it to.

      In theory, this scam should work because Player B should have high demand items on their list, which causes Player C to want to trade for them. However, only Player A has the item B wants, so Player C must first trade with Player A in order to trade with Player B.
      But it's rather foolish to fall for this trick, as if A and B were honestly trying to trade, Player A should just trade Player B, instead of going through all that mess.

      Hopefully this explains it, though I do apologize if the explanation was too long :)


  2. Taco used to scam?

    1. That's what I wrote in the post.

    2. im just going to say that thats a lie i am best friends with missjammeranimal at school and her sister did that her sister used to scam but no anymore missjammeranimal cried when she saw this i was with her u guys need to get ur facts straight

    3. 1. If her sister did it, why is it on her account? I don't want the "we share accounts" junk, because if it happens on your account, you take responsibility for it.
      2. Get our facts straight? It's not like we have the ability to tell who is on who's account. I highly doubt it was her sister anyway, but I suppose that's not important. What does matter, however, is that someone was scamming on her account.

    4. well i have u know that if someone wants a blue paint mixer they can want 1 so it does not matter u have no idea if they r the same persons u r just here to make people miserable and hurt so u should make sure your 100% sure before u post stuff about people she quit aj because of ur society so back off!!!!!

    5. 1. I never said they were the same person. Read the post again.
      2. We're not here to make people miserable, we're here to get rid of the people who want to make other people miserable.
      3. She quit AJ? Good. Maybe she'll finally find some decency.

  3. u r a freaking jerk shut this site down!!!!!!

    1. 1. Would you care to explain how I'm a jerk?
      2. Yes, I will shut down a website that I have been building for 2 years because some angry child asked me to.
      3. Our site is not violating any of Google's rules. Tell me again why we should take this website down.

  4. one who knows all18 February 2017 at 11:43

    How do you know that this is just a coincidence. If I was called a scammer when I was innocent, I would log off too to get away from said person. And think of the other person- maybe they saw this an opportunity to get rid of their item, but didn't have enough room in their inventory for the list so they just wanted to trade. And this site is voilating privacy rules. Did you get permission from these people before posting? NOPE, therefore you are violating a privacy rule.

    1. If you're called out as being a scammer, not trying to defend yourself at all and just running away doesn't make you look very innocent.
      Scammers do not deserve the benefit of the doubt. If Missjammeranimal wanted the paint mixer but didn't have enough room in their inventory, she could've recycled some items or actually talked to and negotiated a deal with darklord. But no, that isn't what she did.
      And please explain how we are violating privacy rules. We are posting screenshots of somebody's avatar in a game for children. If we were posting images of their faces, that would be another story, but we aren't.