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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Lots Of Updates: Introducing Badges!

Hello Jammers! Cerise here with several updates for the society!

The first update is badges! You know how girl/boy scouts give out badges to you if you do things in the community and stuff? Well, we're implementing that into the SWS. You can earn badges by catching scammers, doing community services, etc. The badges will be on your agent profile on the meet the team page (which we're bringing back, by the way). The more badges you get, the higher chance of getting promoted. After you earn enough badges, you may start getting gem/item rewards for each badge.
You can start earning badges on the new badges page!

The second update is the mastery club. Every week, on one day which will probably be a Friday, we will be hosting the mastery club at Cerise's den. You'll either be put in groups or stay solo to complete challenges and tests. Completion of these challenges leads to rewards and badges. It's entirely optional to attend, but if you want to get badges, rewards, and overall get better at your job, it's highly recommended you attend whenever you can.

The third update is advertisements. Yes, advertisements. We're going to be trying to add advertisements to the blog. Because I agreed to the Google AdSense policies, I can't really say much because almost everything I say about it would violate the policies, so that's it for this section.

The fourth update is Secret Santa. The SWS agents will be participating in Secret Santa this year, so if you are an agent who will be around this Christmas, please comment your name below so that I can add it to the list.
Current Agents on List:
Agent Doggy (doghj)
Agent Aviator (roar6477)
Agent Purple (sillypurple2)
Agent Galaxy (TheRoseIndianGalaxy)
Agent Snowfall (wolflover313)
Agent Ember (wof2)
Agent Izzy (Izzycats06)
Agent Rain (05rain)
Agent Maji (majipotato)
Agent Violet (violet86271)
Agent Beta (mz5963)
Agent Affinity (affinityy)
Agent Gila (gilamon0)
Agent Emerald (Sophia607)
Agent Diamond (yas818)
Agent Love (disneyworld333)
Agent Electro (vanillapancakes)

The fifth update is a replacement to The Rainbow's Gifts (our color charity branch). We're instead starting a help center in which people can speak to agents acting as counselors/therapists and get help and advice for their problems.

This is mostly it for now. Stay safe and happy Jamming!

P.S. We're also participating in our annual Christmas drive this year, donations are greatly appreciated!


  1. Could I be added to the Christmas secret Santa list?

  2. Can I be that creepy stalker santa who scares little children pls?

  3. Could I be added to the secret Santa list? I'm Agent Maji.

  4. Can I be on it? Im Agent Fox

  5. Agent Beta and Agent Affinityy on Secret Santa plz :))))))))))))))

    ~Le Boota

    (oh, thanks for adding me to the list)

  7. Electro will be around, add me to the list. :)

  8. May I be on the list?

  9. I'd be down to be a counselor/therapist, despite lacking free chat, but I think it'd be fit for me in my opinion. We'll see how it goes!

  10. I would also like to be therapist/counselor, but since I do not have free chat, I can probably make a side blog for that.

    1. I think having a blog for that would be a great idea ^^^

  11. therapist or counselor would be a great job for me :)
    I was a counselor at a camp and I go to local churches or school to help with kids and counseling so that sounds great ;)

  12. Also, for the Help Centre, count me in a guard.
    See you in the Skies <3

  13. can I be a therapist or councellor please?

  14. Lol, so now your only doing this for money? I doubt you even care about catching them anymore. You are literally the definition of a news reporter. Next thing we know, you'll surely be trying to cause Fake Drama to get views thereby getting $$$

    1. Welcome back to comment analyzing with Cerise.

      Please tell me when I said I never cared about the rest of the society and the only reason I do this is for money. I care about this society very much. We haven't even set up the advertisements yet. I don't even know if it's gonna work. So hold your horses.
      Also, I don't get money by views. I'd tell you how it works, but contracts with Google and all that. So therefore there would be no need to cause fake drama, since it isn't fun for anyone.
      Here's the simplest solution: If you're just going to complain about me making a quick buck off of something I'm passionate about, then simply don't view this blog and move on with your life. It's that easy. You may as well be getting mad at people selling pieces of art that they love to make.

    2. A. You get money when ads are clicked.
      B. Please delete the custom cursor if you DO add adds, this blog is already laggy enough.

    3. Everyone here is passionate about the society, we'd all quit otherwise, and we have a good community (the society, not AJ) and we're all good friends, and we're all in this together. And is there anything wrong with getting money while we're at it? If anything, AJHQ is the money hoarder, not caring about its players

    4. I for one Actually support the idea of ads. and before you go 'OH WELL YOU JUST SAY THAT CUZ YOU'LL MAKE MONEY' no. i am decently new to this society. im not getting any benefit from these. i just think that these people are doing what they love and defending something beloved. plus with all the ad revenue than they can make ways to improve this blog. its overall a good move. its also going to keep agents at the blog
      Sincerely~Agent Spellbinder

  15. Not an agent but I'd be fine with taking place in the Secret Santa, cos I used to be one. Also, if you need help with anything, I'm willing to assist, so just ask me.

    - z e e

  16. I will help for the secret Santa and also I might be good a therapist because I take psychology - agent spellbinder

  17. if i was a counselor or therapist then every thing will go wrong because me of me

  18. I know i'm kind of an... hm... inactive agent I guess? But it you need another spot for counselor i'd be happy to join. Just let me know if you do, I can see from the comments you already have many volunteers, but just incase :)
    is still alive

  19. Can I be in Secret Santa as well? I'll send over a gift to you on the weekend (probably Sunday after 6PM)

  20. I do not know who to ask.
    can someone do therapy (a counceller) for me?
    agent izzy