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Monday, 9 November 2015

Enchantedjule15 (Member)

Hi Jammers! Council Member Fem here; gosh, I haven't been posting much recently, have I?
Anyways, this scammer was sauntering around in Coral Canyons, saying:"Gift me random clothes for a top hat!", as pictured down below

Some other players were protesting against her, calling out her as a scammer. The top chat was cut off, but I think the jammer was telling her to use the trading system instead. The player definitely earns a round of applause for trying to stop a scam, and so do all of the other jammers that were warning others :)

But Enchantedjule15 replied with a somewhat interesting response:
"What is scale (scamming)?"
(Sorry, I got the picture just as it was fading)
Now, she might've been honest, but this backfired on her. Why? Well, first of all, she was trying to get others to gift her for a top hat, aka trading.
I'm pretty sure that she knows trading is a perfectly well and logical reason to susbitute the 'Gift me' situations. After all, you're just gifting something to get a gift back; that's the same as trading.
However, she disappeared shortly after I got the pictures. (If you haven't noticed, I caught the picture of the player card right after she disappeared and changed her outfit.Clearly, in the last picture that she was scamming in, she chose to wear 'common' items to draw suspicion away.)

Status: None Harmed

[And also, if you haven't notice {or perhaps it's just me, having a long hiatus from AJ}, but instead of your animal's name, the username shows up. Quite handy.}
P.S. from Cerise: you have the option to toggle it on and off


  1. If there is any scam catcher going after birthdayboyblam170, she gets on at 3 or 4pm Aus time. Sorry if this is spam

    1. And why would you, a stranger, tell us this?

    2. Well, Taco, what if she IS a scammer? Why are you questioning someone trying to (hopefully/probably) help us?
      I see no harm in at least checking it out :/