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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Cutebunny8904 (Non-member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here. To make up for the short post yesterday, take a nice long one right now.
I was walking around when I saw this girl advertising for trusting in her den. So I went there.

When I got there, nobody was trusting. They were questioning what was going on and all that stuff. When this girl came in, she said she was on a backup account and her main account was coming in.

Later, a wolf named Infinity (Cutezila) came in. She didn't say much, she just occasionally walked around, so I assume that Cutebunny was multitabbing.

Judging by the amount of her achievements, a backup account is a plausible idea.

When I called her out as a scammer, she started saying that Infinity wasn't her main account and that it's her sister that she hates. Backpedaling begins. Infinity still wasn't saying anything, so I am still convinced they are the same person. Then she switched tabs and started making Infinity plead for her to stop.

Then she switched back to her backup account. Now she was bribing Infinity (AKA herself). Later, Infinity stormed out. I told her I had pictures and was going to post them, and she kept yelling at me. She then locked me out.


As soon as I was teleported to Jamaa Township, I saw Infinity standing there, saying nothing. Yet more proof that they are the same person. After Cutebunny had logged out, she began talking on Infinity, complaining about how her sister tricked her and stuff, yadda yadda yadda.

About 4 people started kissing her feet and feeling sorry for her, while I sat in the corner and told them what actually happened. They kept yelling at me and telling her it was her sister. When I asked them for proof to back up their statement, they ignored me and kept spoiling her. Nice.

Also, later, she kept taking her friends into my den and telling them to get mad at me and stuff. But they more so just kind of asked me what was going on and left.

She later apologized, so don't harass her please.

Status: No One Harmed

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