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Monday, 30 November 2015

Calamity Corner - snowygirl782 (Member)

Beta here reporting a gal who is begging for gifts on our website's chat room. I just logged onto the chat box, wondering if anyone was there, and I saw rockstargirl782, aka snowygirl782, say "hi [smiley face] gift me my username: snowygirl782".

Hopefully she leaves our website, I heard other agents talk about someone saying this on our site. Be sure to report her.

I came on again, finding this.

"my member user is snowygirl782 add me and gift me then i gift u cool items"

Previous conversation:

"i got hacked"
"you dont look hacked"
"well i am"

How do you gift cool items if you're hacked?!

Rockstargirl782, please leave our website, we are not interested in gifting random people who claim that they're hacked.

Oh my gosh, I log on yet again, and she's screaming her head off.

She starts hating on us, swearing at us, and acting incredibly immature.

For the last time, LEAVE our site if you're going to continue to swear, hate, and yell at us for doing our job. PLEASE REPORT HER, Disney has been claiming her scamming a trust-trading party host as well.

Please report snowygirl782, and please leave our site!


  1. The weird thing is, when I came on chat, Rockstar started acting really nice. Too nice.
    She asked me to buddy her and if we could do AJ together...idk why she did that...

  2. Wow.....just goes to show how mean ppl can be :P. Oh, btw, when are new agents allowed in? I missed the last one but I really want to be a agent. My username is mysticdestruction.

  3. oh wow that person should start to learn that lying isn't good:?