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Saturday, 10 October 2015

merbereat (Non-member)

Hey again! I've been rackin' up a bunch of posts, huh? Anywho, I followed Cerise into Jamaa, and soon after she went afk, this gal popped up.

I spotted her saying, "trust me den" and clicked her tag, finding it was locked... nice.

I said her den was locked, quickly made a comment about her to another agent, and the she for some reason got incredibly fired up, and began blabbing on, being rude and immature about the situation.

Unfortuneately, not all pictures were captured, but the first thing she said was "i hope u leave"

I didn't understand why she was so rude, all I said to her was "Your den is locked..." and she gives me her bratty attitude. She then continued speaking gibberish. "oh get rectangle bc ur not smart," "yes that cool story more story," and so on and so on.

I again told her that she was being ridiculous, for me saying something as simple as locking her den. As said, the gibberish continues. "i head your play buddy"
She also claimed she was recording (herself being rude and immature cough cough) and I really was getting ticked off. I then said, "Honestly, what's your problem? I did nothing more than ask a question." She used the cry emote and whimpered about how she gets bullied everywhere. This post is getting long, and you get the jist of it.

Status: No One Harmed

Have a great day/night!


  1. Dang....brats everywhere

  2. I have a rough idea of what she may have been trying to say. Restricted chat codewords are harder than ever to use, much less to decipher, so trying to use rude or suggestive language is pretty much a word salad to onlookers.
    First up is the pretty clear "Trust trade me." Since her den was locked, I think it's likely that the last word was added in as a filter bypass, to avoid the combination blacklist.
    The next was a bit trickier, but I'm pretty sure it was something along the lines of "Get rekt, you're stupid." Oh, the abundance of little kids trying to look cool by using "#rekt" to end Internet insults...
    I'm not entirely sure about the third, but since she claimed to be recording, I'm guessing it's a botched "I have your player card." Intimidation and blackmail.
    All in all, I think it's clear that this person is quite young even for Animal Jam, and probably new to scamming. I wouldn't consider her a huge threat, but she definitely does need to be taught why scamming is wrong, and disciplined at the determination of the o-mods.

    1. I completely agree, even I knew she was using that overused internet saying, "rekt"
      And i think we all can tell that she's one of those guys who are simply idiotic. Unfortunate that these kinds of people exist, it'd be a lot nicer if they could be more sensible.

    2. agreed, even her user is spelled incorrectly i think merberet instead of merbereat.