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Friday, 16 October 2015

marley10998 (Member)

Hello guys! Aviator here where today, I have a scammer. 
This gal is Marley10998.
There are many categories for scammers. 
There is one called the "New Scammer"
Basically, this is a jammer that is new to the Scam community.

She went to her den as soon as I came. There were two other non-members.
So she asked us "who wanted it"
I told her probably everyone wants it.

So, this is what she said. 
A non-member traded her, and she accepted.
The non-member said "I got it"
I was all "No, there was no spike on trade"
Non-Member: No, I got the ribbon scarf
(The thing on trade for the trust)
Me: Oh.

Then this is her agreeing with le bunny.
Hey, guess what happened next?

Status: One Harmed


  1. NONE harmed? But you said they accepted someone's trust trade! Wouldn't that make it ONE harmed?...

    1. Its hard to tell.. but I thought that the non-member actually wanted the ribbon scarf. They were a New Jammer after all, but idk..

  2. The SWS is still running? I thought it stopped when cerise quit. I am glad SWS still exists :)
    ~Agent Fall (an old agent)