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Thursday, 1 October 2015

goldenfriends0000 (Non-member)

Welcome goldenfriends0000, to my Animal Jam SWS post. Thought you were off the hook, eh?
Well, hi guys. Its your girl Aviator here.
Where today, I have a post. About a scammer.
So she was advertising a giveaway for a blue short collar and her neon bow. Now, I go to each and every one giveaway, because i've won good stuff in giveaways, such as spikes, and just in case its a normal one and non-scam-attempts, I try and win if its say "First One To Type ….. Wins" or something  like that. GoldenFriends was NOT doing that.

So this is our conversation. The person who said that "they'll go first" was grubb331.

She did her outfit and supposedly won the blue short collar. 
Then she was doing her neon bow, and no one trusted her, not even grubb, so she just locked her den.
And grubb wasn't locked out. Hmmmm

I sent a jamagram to grubb saying asking why she wasn't among the people that were locked out, and replied with "Don't be mean and don't assume anything."

Im sowwie for being "mean". But scamming on a kids game is twice as bad.

Status: No One Harmed

Until next time….


  1. they are obviously partners in crime

  2. i just got scammed by her wtf so i looked her up and saw this im crying because she took my pink long spike im tickleslps