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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

freeajgiveaway - (Non-member)

Hey all, Beta here! Wow, been a while since I posted, school gets the best of you. Anywho, I found this gal in Aldan, and judging by her username, it already looks like a scam.

She was at Crystal Sands, exclaiming "TRADE ME A BETA I TRADE U A SPIKE!!"
I then proceeded to ask why we had to trade first, and she ignored me. Others asked to see the spike, and she had a nonrare silver spike. So at least she wasn't lying, but I continued to interrogate her with why we must trade our items first. Instead of replying, she went into my den and immediately asked, "DO U HAVE A SCARECROW"

She obviously wanted a scarecrow, which I didn't have, but I said anyway, "Offer first."
She said that she would trade after, but I simply had enough and just locked her out.
Watch out for this gal, and have a great rest of the week!

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