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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Divergent11176 (member)

Wow, hey its electro here. It's been awhile. I've done some things at home that i'm in big trouble for so sorry for my absence. But now i'm back too scam catching.
above you see Divergent11176 with a necklace one trade, I haven't seen this scam in awhile and it's a very pathetic attempt on it.
Above you see her saying, "I will never say yes to a trade, try me, I dare you!!!!!"
Luckily nobody fell for this pathetic attempt at scamming.

Harmed: None


  1. I FOUND A SCAMMER! THEY SCAMMED SOMEONES WHOLE COLLECTION OF SPIKES! THERE USER IS: Minecraftlover9182 plz put them on here and block and report i was there when they scammed......

    1. Please cite your sources.
      We cannot post scammers on this site without sufficient evidence, such as pictures from the scene or video footage, proving the person scammed or attemped scamming.