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Friday, 16 October 2015

Cooltiger0596 (Non-Member), suspected Empire Member

(I got rid of the swearing so it's appropriate for viewing)

Hello Jammers. Usually I like to give my viewers a week early viewers but, because Im soooo mad, I will be posting here RIGHT AFTER IT HAPPENED. So, this PROVES some scammers NEVER change. I was in Jamaa Township, and this guy saw me, Turns out I caught him OVER TWO YEARS AGO! We proceeded to become buddies, and he asked to trade. He tried a classic OMG ITS GLITCHED, but you COULD say he just doesn't know? Nah, he's been playing since 2013 AT LEAST.  SO
Today's video:

Second time I caught him in 2013:

 ANDDD the first time he tried to scam me:

Congratulations, Cooltiger, you have inspired me to catch every single scammer there is in the entire world.
Chat log from him backpedaling.

Got a screenshot of this JUST as it was fading, sorry.


  1. Empire Member? You mean the thingy that's a draft with the weird chart thing?

    1. Did AJHQ get hacked? From what I've heard, apparently they don't have good firewalls.

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  3. Hey its Electro. I've done something horrible at home. I'm in trouble and having myself go into more counciling sorry for my absence