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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Calamity Corner - Marshmallowclan + sugursweets21268

Hello Jammers! Cerise here, and welcome to a brand new series on the SWS, Calamity Corner! I know this a scam catcher site, but I made this series so we can post bullies as well.
For the first post, this will be about Marshmallowclan and sugursweets21268.

It started when Marsh was doing the "shrimp on the barbie" AJ meme from one of MintySnowflakes' videos. Sugur proceeded to insult Marsh and called them retarded. Marsh countered this with "go live in a dumpster".

Sugur countered again with "non member noob".

The fight eventually broke up, and Marsh apologized, but I am still posting them both nonetheless.
Please report them both for bullying.


  1. hello this is sugarsweets21268 mother I would like for u to take this down because of the following reasons 1 this is pretty much like a hate page yes I understand that she was being mean 2 my daughter has been punished for this 3 I don't want her on the internet and others seeing this she wasn't allowed to talk to others nor she will be now to ppl I don't know also again she did get punished now plz take this down i will be checking to make sure thank you!

    1. I honestly can't tell if this is a joke or not.

      1. You're obviously not anybody's parent, you can't spell simple words such as "you", and you have no punctuation or capitalization in your argument whatsoever.

      2. If you were actually such a responsible parent, you would've taken care of this ages ago. It's been almost half a year since this post was made.