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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Project12 (Non-member)

Hi guys! Aviator here, with a scammer named Project12! She was doing the "next trust that is a rare gets a red long". 

Yeah, we would want proof. Someone traded her and she probably accepted, because she ran off.
On her trade was a necklace, but with her evil scamming sorcery, it vanished.

Then when I was trying to get into WootMoo's den, I saw her, and she said the same thing, then someone accepted, and I checked her trade. What do you know, its gone.

That was my second post. In a day. Im bored, don't judge.

Status: 1+ Harmed


  1. Yeah that happens all the time to me, I'll see a scammer, then when I tell them they're a scammer they disappear, but then come back five minutes later dressed up differently!

    1. The thing is though, she was actually dressed the same, which I think is not a very smart move.

  2. Mk I screenshotted my signature. Thanks Cherry c: