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Sunday, 13 September 2015

kmrslm4 (Member)

Hey guys, Beta here! I was in Appondale, attempting to get into WootMoo's den, but I came across this guy, kmrslm4, attempting the trust-trading scam.

Sorry part of the picture got cut off, but kmrslm4, says 'TRUST ME.'
I then confront him, asking why he scams. I don't know what he was going on about when he says, "Ok, just tell me the accepting mod." I got really confused, but said, "If I knew, why would I tell you?.."
We then start arguing, and he says I'm being 'mean.' I ask him how and he replies, "For talking to me!" I tell him that I'm not being mean, but he continues to be stubborn, immature, and obnoxious about it. People around sided with me and he shouts "YOU GUYS ARE ALL MEAN!!!!!!!!!" and leaves.

Please commment your thoughts, I'd like to hear what ya got! :)


  1. baetuh y u such bulleye OMG u su mmeeall i ish gonna weportz u for being such meal bull eye

    1. taco
      i'm fixing your signature because i realized i accidentally cropped out your tiger's ears

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I'll chop off your ears then sew them back on and see how YOU like it for revenge, k
      : )

    4. actually i lied
      ha ha
      it looks stupid if i try and put them back on

    5. i sowie bat he wuz tryng 2 buld0g oter pplz an i suppos st0p scalez