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Thursday, 24 September 2015

jamfox102 (Member)

Ermergursh i have been on all afternoon! Here is another post!
So I found him in Mt Shiveer, trusting away.

Just your usual truster, with a little twist.

This was his trade list. I guess he wanted black longs and stuff.. or its a glitch..
Story Time!
So basically I was trading for a purple long.
My offer: Red Short, Blue Long Wrist, Straw Hat, And Heart Ring
I did the trade then ran off to do something. (In Real Life)
Then when I came back, I got a orange pirate sword instead of a purple long.
These scams are basically downloading, hacking and more stuff to make something look more rare then it really is. 

I said "You have good stuff on trade." But he ignored me and kept trusting.

Status: Unknown


  1. I wanna join the SWS. I played back in 2012, and then quit after being scammed. A few weeks ago, I returned to Animal Jam, and it is quite fun. I feel like I should take a stand against scamming now.

    1. We are currently not accepting new members as we are training the current batch of rookies. But feel free to wander around the site, or check back any time!

      ~Council Member Fem

    2. As Fem said, we'd be happy to recruit you once we're done training. Just stick around and maybe you'll find your opportunity. If you want to talk with me, I'm mz5963, and we'll see.

      ~mz5963 aka Council Member Agent Beta ~ Animal Jam