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Saturday, 19 September 2015

AJSG Internship.

Hello Jammers! Tacocat101 here, with an exciting post! For those of you who don't know, I am the leader of the Animal Jam Scam Guard, or AJSG for short. We were founded in late 2012 by me, and two buddies. As of recent, we have been a BIT low on Agents. AJSG only hires the "cream of the crop" however. So, I'm opening up internship again! Be warned of a few things however, I am VERY strict. You must not allow ANYONE to know you are in this group. Ever played Blackjack? You don't want the other player to know what cards you have in your hand. As an intern, you will have a 3 month evaluation period before I can determine if I wish to hire you as a full fledged Agent. During this evaluation, I will see
-How active you are
-If your trustworthy
-Your skill level
During this time, you are required to catch a MINIMUM of 75 Scammers.
So what are you waiting for? Email me @ with the following forum filled out....
-Are you over or under the age of 12?
-Whats your username?
-How long have you been Scam Catching?
-A minimum 2 paragraphs on the history of your Animal Jam experience.
-Any special tactics you have?
-How many Alts can you play on at a time?
-Time zone?
-Do you have Free Chat?
-Do you have Screen Recording software, and if not, can you get it?
-Do you have a YouTube channel, and if not, can you get one?
If you want to join, DO NOT ask questions in the comments.
Thank you!


  1. Oh cool can i apply?

    1. Yes but I won't accept your application.

    2. u want some ice for that burn, pink?

      g3t r3kd n00b

  2. Really 75 scammers? Boy that's a lot!

  3. There's no real reason why people shouldn't be able to ask questions.

    1. Yes there is. If you wish to ask a question email me. I don't want possible future Agents to comment things asking about joining as that could give away there in AJSG.

    2. What if they're under Anonymous? Does that work?

    3. No, because if you NEED an email to join AJSG:

  4. iamabunnyrabbi from ANimal Jam22 September 2015 at 15:57

    What happened to ur other post plz reply if u can

  5. Is there a time limit on when you can apply? Sorry for asking in the comments, but :P