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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Xxchewymarshmallowzx (Non member)

Hey its Electro, this is my second post today. I'm here with another scammer, Xxchewymarshmallowzx

Here is also her necklaces, indicating its either a trust or flash
I couldn't catch her advertising in time but she was doing a black long giveaway. 
And to the looks of it she doesn't have a black long.

Here, she is saying, "its flash, but if you need proof of the black long say apples" everyone said apples so she brought in her member main. If it wasn't fake why are you doing it on your backup?

this is her main, grace10844 showing us the black long.

See locked out anyone who said she was a scammer and then finally, she accepted something and locked us all out.
Jam don't Scam!

Status: 1 Harmed

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