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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Updates + Getting Back Into Gear + [ATTENTION ANONYMOUS COMMENTERS]

Hello everyone! Cerise here! Now that the SWS is finally back, we are all slowly sinking back in. But with this comes several updates and changes.
First of all, the old posting rules still apply, along with the addition of a new one; Please save your post instead of publishing it. I will review it before it gets published. In fact, if you're too lazy to put the post together, just slap in the pictures, write in the necessary paragraphs, status, and title it as "Cerise Please Fix".

Also, we will now have a new ranking system. 1 leader caused the rebellion of 2015 (and way too much stress for me!), 2 caused the society to shut down, so we will now be going with a council. There won't be one selected leader, but a group of agents who proved their trustworthiness and their skill while the society was still up. I have selected a few of my picks to help me start out the new council.
How the council works is, all the leaders (that attend the meetings) must agree on a decision before it is said. We will have managers of "departments" (more so mechanics), such as patrol manager, color charity manager, SWS academy manager, trainee in-come manager, etc. If you did not get on the council, don't worry! We're trying to keep it as small as possible, and not getting on does not mean you're not important! All agents who proved themselves will get a massive rank raise.

Agent Cerise
Agent Minty
Agent Zee
Agent Beta
Agent Bambi
Agent Shiver
Agent Fem

More will be added later.

Edit: I will also be paying agents for doing jobs, such as:
1 scammer caught = 20 gems
1 Color Charity shift = 60 gems
Helping a New Jammer = 60+ gems
Helping someone being bullied = 40 gems
*Infiltrating a scam team = 1,000+ gems

*Please do not do this without the council discussing a plan ahead of time. If you find a scam team, report it to a council member immediately.


Because this has caused a problem in the past, you must sign off as your identity if using an Anonymous user. If you play AJ and are fine with sharing your AJ username, please sign off as that, that way if anyone impersonates you, you can talk to Cerise to sort it out.
Any comments will be read, but if you don't sign off (if you're an Anon user), your comment will not be shown.

Also, we are taking labels off all the posts. Agents, if you can try and remove as many labels as you can, I'd pay you all 200 gems.


  1. How will you be giving us the gems?

  2. Cerise I was just wondering, how do we show you we caught a scammer? Do we have to have pictures of the scammer scamming? And do we just go to tell you?

    1. Ok, how do we show you the pictures or video? In the comments?

    2. Pictures are too easily manipulated.

  3. Cerise, I may not be able to attend meetings due to lack of computer time. Instead, would it be okay if you create a blog for this?
    (As in, post the criteria of the meeting and let agents comment about it.)

  4. Oh god im shaking. I havent seen any of you in forever im so refreshed to see this.