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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

This Didn't Go As Planned..

The Jammer Cup has been cancelled due to nobody participating in the first round - that was short-lived. I will likely host it again next month, when we get more organized. Until then, return to regular scam catching.


  1. Nobody's participating because I think someone realized what a horrible person you are, Cerise.

    And before you go and protest and start ganging up and swearing at me like you already did, I just want to tell you that you're 12 years old and the language you're using isn't acceptable for that age group. Maybe I'll reconsider when you're 15 or whatever, but I hope that you'll get what's coming to you one day.

    1. So I'm a horrible person for standing up to an art thief, catching scammers on an online game who's owners won't do anything about it, and helping non-members get their colored items, just because I use certain words you don't like? Throw me in jail.
      Does the fact that I swear change who I am and what I do? No, it doesn't.

      Plus, is it really the age that matters? Just because I'm 12 doesn't mean I should be acting as immature as most other 12 year olds - if I can be mature, why shouldn't I be allowed to be mature?

    2. And THIS is why AJSG doesn't like Balaur.
      -An AJSG Agent

    3. Hello Balaur.
      Welcome to the internet.
      The place where 8 year olds call eachother f****s
      only because they have differing opinions.
      Please get used to it because it's not going away.

    4. Balaur, I'm pretty sure the reason 'no one' is participating is because they don't have time, forgot, didn't know what to do, etc. But I'm sure that it isn't because Cerise is a horrible person. Besides, even if you're right, why would they sign up? They could've chosen to ignore the post and carry on as usual.
      ~Agent Fem

    5. See what I mean? Everyone is ganging up on me! Well, I could let Princess Cerise have her way and all, but I'm too smart to let that happen. You can apologize for the bullying and extreme pain you have caused me, or I can continue fighting for what's right. And that goes for Taco, Zee and Fem too.

    6. 'Princess Cerise'.
      Do you see me commanding my friends to bully you and harass you? Do you see me getting everyone to kiss my feet? Do you see me bragging about myself? No, you don't. My friends are doing this on their own accord, I do not control what they do.
      Plus, bullying? I never bullied you, and if you have some proof, bring it to the table. I have no reason to apologize for swearing.

    7. Balaur in a real worl situation/ scenario this is what you are doing:
      See what I mean? JUst because i'm rude and did art theft doesnt mean the police can use legal actions against me! You can either apologize for doing whats right, or I will continue to whine.
      That's a translation of what you said^^^

    8. Why me? I can tell my Agents not to reply to certain people and not to comment on certain blogs, but I can not FORCE them not to. I'm very disappointed in whichever of my Agents replied to you, and should I find out, he will be swiftly fired from AJSG, as I've told them not to reply to you, Naf and Violet, and not to comment on any of your blogs.

    9. So someone framed you? Well, in that case, that person needs to apologize. so you can be free.

      As for Cerise, you have control over those people! You're their role model! They follow you blindly and do whatever you ask! At times I feel like you're a mad dictator!

    10. Balaur, I am now extremely confused. How did I cause you to have 'extreme pain' and bully you? All I said in my comment was to point out the fact that Cerise isn't horrible, and why the reason no one was participating because of that, illogical.
      Also, when have I ever bullied you? I hardly even see you on Animal Jam, and I don't remember talking to you more than once.
      If you consider stating our opinions 'bullying', I have conveniently copy-and-pasted the meaning to you, found at this link (for proof):
      'There are three types of bullying:

      Verbal bullying is saying or writing mean things. Verbal bullying includes:
      Inappropriate sexual comments
      Threatening to cause harm
      Social bullying, sometimes referred to as relational bullying, involves hurting someone’s reputation or relationships. Social bullying includes:
      Leaving someone out on purpose
      Telling other children not to be friends with someone
      Spreading rumors about someone
      Embarrassing someone in public
      Physical bullying involves hurting a person’s body or possessions. Physical bullying includes:
      Taking or breaking someone’s things
      Making mean or rude hand gestures'
      As far as I can tell, no of these occurred in any of the comments written.
      Also, Cerise is right. I wrote my comment on my own accord.
      ~Agent Fem

    11. By the way, Snakedog (I will call you Arsenic), I did not do any art theft. Now you're trying to frame me for something I didn't do. Pfft.

    12. Oh, I have some proof indeed, Cerise. Look at your stupid blog. You swore at me and you know it. You and your friends have done terrible things and you know it.

      You are a bully and you know it.

    13. I don't have control over them. Like Taco said, I can tell them not to do something, I could threaten them (if I wanted to), but I can't force them to do it, they do it on their own accord.

      So, in your eyes, telling someone they're acting (keyword ACTING) like a dipsh*t = bullying?
      That's like saying any kind of swearing directed at someone is bullying.
      What terrible things have I done? Tell me.

    14. Balaur, you say Cerise swore at you, so, I typed in 'Balaur' in the search box. There were no results.
      I would like to ask, what terrible things have we done? Please provide evidence as well.
      Also, you did not answer my question from my previous comment. I will post it again for your convenience: How did I cause you to have 'extreme pain' and bully you?
      I would like to add that I do not follow others blindly. I am going into Grade 9 in September and I daresay I have enough common sense to do what I think is right, including making my own decisions.
      ~Agent Fem

    15. Fine, you win. I cancel my membership and never bother any of you again. DEAL?!

      Do you NOT understand that I have anxiety too?! And, by the way, I'm not kidding about the membership bit.

    16. "Do you not realize that I have anxiety too?!"
      No, I do not, because you never said anything about it.
      Plus, how did me swearing at you and being an oh-so horrible person lead to you cancelling your membership..?
      By the way, this entire scenario could have been avoided if you decided not to comment "CERISE YOU'RE A BAD PERSON BECAUSE YOU SWEAR AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD".

    17. This person isn't worth our time, We ought to ignore this little toddler... It isn't our idea to cancel your membership, your doing things you don't have to, you are going to say in the future: WELL YOU MADE ME CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP!!! LIke Cerise said, you started this...

    18. I'm not a toddler, you evil framer. Didn't we make a deal? As long as I stay out of this, you won't bug me. I know I'm technically breaking the deal at the moment, but I just want you to stay out of this because I'm honestly not worth it anymore. Just to show you that I'm no real threat, I get really disappointed when I don't win a Charmander plushie in a carnival game.

      That doesn't mean I'm a weakling, or a toddler, for that matter. Cerise is the kind of person who was to act more "mature" and swears and acts all "cool" so she can be recognized as an adult. However, that behavior doesn't sit well with other people, including me.

      I know those kinds of people and I hate them. You are no different from them.

      (If anyone's wondering why I'm still a member, I'm a little busy and I'm unable to cancel it right now. I'll try to get it done as soon as possible. I have deleted all my animals, though.)

    19. > Asks us to not bug her
      > Was the first comment in the argument


    20. Actually, we didn't make a deal, you suggested some stupid deal and nobody accepted it ^^ So don't be getting mad at us.

      Also, just because I swear =/= I want to be cool. Some people swear for comedic purposes, some people swear to express anger, some people swear because they're actually mature enough (looking in the mirror at this point).

      Plus, is my swearing really effecting you? No, it's not. If I want to swear, then I will swear, there's nothing wrong about it, and you need to calm down.

    21. Also, +1 Zee's post;
      You were the one who started this argument, so you shouldn't be the one telling us not to bug you.

      > Asks us not to bug her
      > Was the first comment in the argument


    22. "Shut up, Zee." -Balaur 2015
      I'm assuming that's your only comeback because what she said is way too sensible to counter?

    23. I'd rather not shut up.
      Seriously. How is this argument not your fault.
      What I mean by that is, you were the one who prompted it to begin.
      You left the first rude comment then got upset when you got rude comments back.
      How does that work exactly?
      It kind of doesn't.
      We didn't come to you and randomly start swearing at you.
      You came to us and left a comment insulting Cerise.
      Of course you're going to get people who are against you.
      I thought we were cool on this incident until now.
      We just stayed out of eachother's way and it was fine.
      But nooooo.

      I know this point is kind of old news, but...
      Cerise doesn't control me.
      I don't work for the SWS anymore.
      We're good friends, of course I'm defending her.

      - Zee, not wanting to log in.

    24. Last time I checked, there were only 20 comments. Now there's 27.
      Balaur, I know some people have something against swearing. Though I don't swear, I'm fine with other people doing it because I accept them for who they are. I don't think swearing defines someone. Maybe back in the olden days, it does define people because hardly any one swears. Now, I bet you that over 90% have swore or used foul language sometime in their life. According to your point, everyone who swears is bad. So, if that was true, the entire population of Earth is literally foul. Not likely.
      Also, what do you mean by the point 'you win'? We were pointing out the illogical facts of your statement, not harassing you or anything. I know there are some habits in people that you don't like, so why don't you avoid them instead of straight-out confronting people? Sometimes, you just have to accept them for who they are, instead of insulting them. We're not begging you to change. You can hate us, despise us, and we're not forcing you to like us. But you know that we will protest against you calling Cerise 'horrible', so, to be blunt, you were asking for this.
      There are lots of reasons people swear. Just like there are lots of reasons people laugh.
      You are going to encounter lots of different people in your life, and you are going to learn to accept them. If your boss swears, are you going to insult them? What if they were swearing because the company's printer broke? If you insult them for that, that'll get you fired or laid off.
      Also, Cerise, I emailed you with the Word Doc. It's still unfinished though. If you have any other ideas, please email me and I'll include them.
      ~Agent Fem

    25. I hate to get mixed up in all this, but I have a few things to say. Mostly to Balaur.
      - Cerise doesn't "control" any of us. We're free people.

      - You're the one being immature, not us. Most of the SWS members, judging by their recent posts, are handling this in a pretty mature way.

      And to the agents:
      - I hope this is one of the last more argumentative posts on this thread. Balaur isn't worth our time. I know I'm being a hypocrite, but this post ISNT supposed to be argumentative. I mean it. It's supposed to make everyone see things clearly. To be frank; Balaur isn't worth our time, she is being immature right now. Also, I'm just fed up of watching this thing blow up before my eyes.

  2. Well, that was short. I was planning to go on AJ today and go scam-catching, but this notice came up. Anyways, Cerise, I have some suggestions for the SWS. Is there any way I can contact you and have you review them?
    ~Agent Fem

    1. You can just email me.