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Saturday, 25 July 2015

SWS Academy

Last night I got a bunch of new recruits, all of which proved their worth and got accepted into the society! With that done, I am rebooting the SWS Academy.

Here's how it will work; through the next 2 weeks, I will make posts scheduling courses being hosted in the SWS HQ in the academy classroom. The courses are optional to attend, but it is suggested you attend them to learn all you can. Anyways, after the 2 weeks is over and all the courses have been taught, it is time for the graduation ceremony. Before the graduation, each student will be given a list of jobs they are eligible to take when they graduate; this list varies depending on which courses you attended. Each job requires a certain set of courses to take, so if you attended every single course, you're eligible to take any job, while if you only took a few courses, your choices are limited.
Each course will be hosted twice, allowing for recruits to fill in if they missed a course they wanted to take.

The first course is tday, all recruits and any other agents are welcome to come on in and attend.

Day: Saturday, 25th of July
Time: 1:00 PM AJSWS Time (PST)
Place: ShadowclawXX's den

Click read more to see list of jobs and courses.

  1. Basic Scam Catching
    1. Learn to approach, confront and provide evidence of a scammer.
    2. Learn to post scammers on the website.
    3. Course taken by: Everyone
  2. Social Etiquette
    1. Learn how to deal with victims of scamming
    2. Learn how to calmly deal with confused scammers
    3. Learn how to calmly deal with people during community services
    4. Course taken by: Secretary, Field Agent, Recruiter, Monitor, Anyone (optional)
  3. Recruiting
    1. Learn to recognize worthy scam catchers
    2. Learn to recognize unworthy scam catcher
    3. Course taken by: Recruiter, Secretary, Monitor, Anyone (optional)
  4. Court
    1. Learn how trials in the SWS work
    2. Learn how to be a good lawyer
    3. Learn how to prove innocent from guilty
    4. Course taken by: Secretary, Anyone (optional)
  5. Advanced Scam Catching
    1. Learn tips and tricks to prevent scamming
    2. Learn tips and tricks to prove a scammer
    3. Learn tips and tricks to leave a scammer scared and confused
    4. Course taken by: Field Agent, Tracking Spy, Anyone (optional)
  6. Tracking
    1. Learn how to track someone in the same server as you
    2. Learn to track someone in a different server than you
    3. Learn how to safely investigate a possible hacker
    4. Course taken by: Field Agent (optional), Tracking Spy, Monitor
  7. History
    1. Learn about how the SWS came to by
    2. Learn about how scam catching originated
    3. Learn what the SWS went through in the past year

Field Agent

You are the sentry.

The other ranks may stay at HQ and assist training in the new agents, some work in the shadows and spy, but you go out and get the job done. You go out and sit, waiting and watching, for scammers to fall right into your trap. When your snare finally catches one, you swiftly go in for the kill, get evidence, confront and scare the scammer off.
Difficulty: Silver (medium)
Courses: Basic Scam Catching, Social Etiquette, Recruiting (optional), Advanced Scam Catching, Tracking (optional)

Tracking Spy
You are the stealth.
You hide in the shadows, spying on unsuspecting scammers and hacking suspects. The investigator, the detective, the stalker, the tank. You know every secret the enemy is hiding. No scammer or hacker causes harm to anyone under your watch. Although your job may take a lot of training, it pays off.
Difficulty: Gold (hard)
Courses: Basic Scam Catching, Advanced Scam Catching, Tracking

You are the backbone.
You may not actually do the scam catching, but you play almost an even bigger role in the society’s uphold. You assist the council members in meetings and schedule events, you decide which resumes get approved or declined, you are the temporary lawyer offered to the defendant at trial. You deal with pretty much anything that doesn’t have to do with the scam catching part of the society.
Difficulty: Silver (medium)
Courses: Basic Scam Catching, Social Etiquette, Recruiting, Court,

You are the escort.
Always on the hunt for Jammers that possess the skill to scam catch, you sit in busy areas on the lookout for Jammers you see trying to stop scammers or helping someone else, all while catching the occasional scammer. The monitors finish your job for you.
Difficulty: Bronze (easy)
Courses: Basic Scam Catching, Social Etiquette, Recruiting

You are the surveillance.
In partner with the recruiters, they do the first part of the job for you. After a recruiter invites an agent to the society, it is your job to monitor the new recruit while they are in training to make sure they stay out of trouble. This means you are to follow them everywhere they go, regardless of what it is they are doing.
Difficulty: Silver (medium)
Courses: Basic Scam Catching, Social Etiquette, Recruiting (optional), Tracking

See you all there!


  1. Cerise, I swear I had almost the exact same idea written down on paper 3 months ago O.o

  2. Wow! This sounds pretty cool, is there anyway I can enroll and become a field agent? I usually catch scams by myself. :)

  3. I catch scams by myself, but idk what i would be.. I could act as any personality, you name it! I could join, I would love to! I am 05rain on animaljam if you want to contact me. I prefer jam a gram or regular chat. Thanks, Bye :3

  4. if i graduate, can i be a field agent?

  5. if this happens in my time, I don't want a certain job. I don't want certainty.

    1. i think they waxed the job thing. Now it's you do everything.